100 Easy English Listening Lessons for Beginners

Listening is the most important skill in English. These lessons will help you to practice English by listening. The voice from conversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen to almost all words in the dialogs.

Learn and improve your English listening skills with 100 lessons.
Easy English Listening lessons will help you with your Listening and Speaking skill.

Easy English Listening Lessons

Easy English Listening Lessons

It’s giving you the confidence to speak with native English speakers.
These lessons have basic English conversations for beginners and also beginner-level English conversations. As you practice, remember that it’s okay to find specific parts challenging. Seeking help with English isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of your commitment to mastering the language.
These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English listening skills.

100 Easy English Listening Lessons for Beginners

01 – First Snow Fall 51 – Traffic
02 – Jessicas First Day of School 52 – Music (1)
03 – My Flower Garden 53 – Who, What, Where and Why?
04 – Going Camping 54 – Which Direction?
05 – My House 55 – The Office
06 – My First Pet 56 – Money
07 – Jennifer the Firefighter 57 – Manners
08 – Marks Big Game 58 – The Two Sexes
09 – The Easter Egg Hunt 59 – Me
10 – Joes First Car 60 – My Cat
11 – Summer Vacation 61 – Music (2)
12 – Cleaning Up Leaves 62 – Spring
13 – Susan’s Wedding Day 63 – The Birthday Party
14 – Remembrance Day 64 – My Classroom
15 – Halloween Night 65 – Vacation
16 – Christmas Eve 66 – My House 2
17 – Thanks giving 67 – My Family
18 – Learning How to Drive 68 – Winter
19 – Housework 69 – Autumn
20 – Daily Schedule 70 – Summer
21 – Meals 71 – The Doctor
22 – Seasons 72 – The Dentist
23 – Weather 73 – The School Play
24 – House 74 – Emotions
25 – School 75 – My First Job
26 – Subjects 76 – The Lie
27 – International Students 77 – Hobbies
28 – Interests and Hobbies 78 – Christmas
29 – Movies 79 – Garden
30 – Flowers 80 – The Pet Store
31 – The Shopping Mall 81 – My First Day of School
32 – Travel 82 -Transportation 2
33 – Transportation (1) 83 – Television
34 – Holidays 84 – My Country
35 – Diseases 85 – Food
36 – Jobs 86 – The Zoo
37 – My Body 87 – The Museum
38 – Clothing 88 – The Police
39 – Colors 89 – Pretending
40 – Wild Animals 90 – A Baby
41 – Months 91 – A Wedding
42 – Days of the Week 92 – My Dad
43 – Describing Things 93 – My Mother
44 – Fruit 94 – A Surprise
45 – Bugs 95 – Homework
46 – The Kitchen 96 – Opposites
47 – Vegetables 97 – Making Friends
48 – Pets 98 – Memories
49 – Differences 99 – The Bathroom
50 – The Restaurant 100 – The Bedroom

These are the best lessons to get started with English listening comprehension for beginners!

Learn More: 100 English Listening Lessons for Intermediate

If you want to download all of these English listening lessons, please leave your email in the comments section. We will send them to your email.

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