Easy English listening Lesson 32 – Travel

It is fun to take a trip to a faraway place.
My brother just went to Italy and France.
He got on a plane at Toronto Airport.
He took a flight to France.
He stayed there for a couple of days.
He visited the Eiffel Tower.
He was in Paris.
He said that he enjoyed the food in France.
He then traveled to Italy.
He saw many towns and villages in Italy.
He went to Rome and visited many of the tourist attractions.
In Venice, he saw the canals.
He tried to speak Italian, but he is not too good at it.
He said that the people were very helpful.
They tried to understand him.
He bought souvenirs for us when he was in Italy.
He ate Italian food.
He said that pizza in Italy is quite different from the pizza we eat here in Canada.
He saw many streets that were made of cobblestones.
He saw many old buildings.
A lot of people in Italy travel around on scooters.
He stayed at a very nice hotel in Italy.
He was sorry when it was time to come home.
My brother likes to travel.
He likes to fly in airplanes.
The airlines lost his luggage once.
He was not too pleased about that.
Next year, he would like to travel to England.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. Where did the trip start for the narrator’s brother?
  2. Which countries did the narrator’s brother visit on his trip?
  3. What famous landmark did he visit in France?
  4. What did he enjoy about the food in France?
  5. Name some places the narrator’s brother visited in Italy.
  6. How did he describe his attempts to speak Italian?
  7. What did he notice about the streets in Italy?
  8. What was the transportation preference for many people in Italy?
  9. Where did the narrator’s brother stay in Italy, and how did he feel about it?
  10. Where does the narrator’s brother express interest in traveling to next year?

Please comment your answers!

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