400 Common English Phrases and Sentences – Lesson 10

365 Have they met her yet?
366 Have you arrived?
367 Have you done this before?
368 Have you eaten yet?
369 How do I use this?
370 How does it taste?
371 How is she?
372 How many people do you have in your family?
373 How’s business?
374 Take a chance.
375 Take it outside.
376 Do you have an appointment?
377 Do you have any money?
378 Do you hear that?
379 Do you know her?
380 Do you know what this means?
381 Do you need anything else?
382 Do you think it’s going to rain tomorrow?
383 Do you think it’s possible?
384 Don’t do that.
385 Isolated rural locations.
386 I’m leaving. I’ve had enough of all this nonsense!
387 Is your translation correct?
388 It comes to nothing.
389 I’m going out of my mind!
390 It’s raining cats and dogs.
391 It never rains but it pours.
392 I’m going to bed now – I’m beat.
393 I’m pretty hot at tennis.
394 If your job really sucks, leave it.
395 I’ve told you umpteen times.
396 If you don’t work hard, you’ll end up a zero.
397 I’m dying for a cup of coffee.
398 I’m not sure if you remember me.
399 I never miss a chance.
400 It’s all the same to me.

400 Common English Phrases and Sentences – Lesson 1

List of 400 Common English Phrases and Sentences

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