SSBBW Meaning – What Does SSBBW Mean?

SSBBW Meaning – The Definition of “SSBBW” With Useful Information and Examples

Today, we are going to give you another slang term that is usually used to talk about woman’s body, which is “SSBBW“. Here you will find its definition, origins and different usages of this term. We will also help you fully understand the term by giving examples and synonyms so you can use it effectively.


What does SSBBW stand for? 

According to Urban Dictionary, SSBBW stands for “super-sized big beautiful woman”, a sub-genre of “BBW” which means big beautiful woman. A woman must weigh more than 400 pounds to be labelled “SSBBW“. Otherwise, she is simply called “BBW“.

SSBBW Meaning - What Does SSBBW Mean?

This is the most common meaning of SSBBW on online dating sites like Craigslist, Tinder, and chat and text forums. These acronyms and their hashtags are often used for personal promotion on social media and online, but Twitter hashtags often lead to sexual content sites.

Example: Anna weighs 310 lbs, so she is considered a BBW, while her friend Sarah weighs more than 400 lbs, so she is an “SSBBW“.

SSBBW: Where does it come from?

Although “SSBBW” has limited information about its origins, this slang term is a sub-line of “BBW“. Meanwhile,  the main category (BBW) comes from a sexual content magazine of the same name and has been around since 1979. As a result, SSBBW is highly regarded and admired in the web world of personal dating.

Different usage

Besides its original meaning, a lesser-used meaning of the acronym “SSBBW” is Super Smash Brothers Brawl Woman, a woman who owns a WII – a home video game console developed and marketed by Nintendo and plays a fighting game from Super Smash Bros.

A list of other things that the abbreviation SSBBW can stand for:

  • Super-Sized Big Bodied Women
  • So Sick Blech Barf WHY
  • Super Saiyan Big Beautiful Women

Real-life examples in conversations

Example 1: Two friends are chatting on Facebook

A: Hey, you know Sarah White?

B: Yeah, sure.

A: She just announced that she has now weighed more than 410 pounds. So, she is no longer a BBW, she is an SSBBW now!

B: But what do BBW and SSBBW mean?

A: You serious? Where have you been? It’s Big Beautiful Woman and Super-sized big beautiful woman!

(In this example, two friends are talking about the weight of a woman. Friend A talked about a woman who turned from BBW to SSBBW. Unfortunately, to his surprise, his friend had no clue of these terms.)

SSBBW Meaning - What Does SSBBW Mean?

Example 2: A conversation between a couple

Girlfriend: Guess what? I now weigh 500 lbs. Yay!

Boyfriend: Really? So now you’ve become a hot SSBBW!

(In this example, two lovers were talking about the girl’s weight. They seemed both happy that now she had become SSBBW.)

More exemplary sentences

“She’s a long way to go before becoming SSBBW

“Hannah is a member of the 500lbs+ club, so she’s an SSBBW

“OMG, that woman is so hot. She must be a BBW or even an SSBBW


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