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Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

Is sleep only help us rest and recharge to work and study more effectively? So how much time do you spend your day sleeping? On average, a person spends about 8 hours a day sleeping, which means one third of a person’s life is just for rest.

Experts pointed out that it takes 6 months for a person who knows nothing about English, to understand and communicate basically. Meanwhile saving some time to learn English is impossible to the lazy ones.

However, recently scientists have shown that the brain can still acquire knowledge while you are sleeping. Is this the way that lazy people can learn English?

This article not only helps you to answer the nature of learning English through sleep, how to apply it optimally, but also comes with a lot of clips and audios that help you practice listening English while sleeping.

Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

What is the nature of learning while sleeping?

Studies to optimize the ability to remember when we are awake are so common . It makes us think that it is a myth if a normal person can gain more knowledge when he falls asleep. However, this absurdity has been proved to be plausible by Katharina Henke and Marc Züst und Simon Ruch of the Institute for The Interfaculty Research Cooperation, “Decoding Sleep: From Neurons to Health & Mind” (IRC)

They tested it by letting volunteers listen to foreign languages while sleeping. The results showed that these volunteers all had a certain awareness of the information transmitted. For example, the words used in the experiment were “key” and “elephant”. After waking up, volunteers could identify which indicate larger or smaller objects.

This is explained based on the mechanism of the human brain. Specifically, brain cells remain active but discontinuous when humans fall deeply into sleep. Accordingly, the active state is called the “rising state” and the inactive state is called the “falling state”. These two states alternate every 0.5 seconds.

When a new word is repeated about 2 to 4 times in the “rising state”, the neurons automatically form links unconsciously, helping us to record and store information during sleep.

Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

What do researchers say?

Marc Züst said: “The hippocampus is a memory storage center in the brain, an essential part of the brain that helps to remember when people are awake. It also contributes to finding information formed during sleep”. Interestingly, the linguistic region of the brain and the hippocampus are activated in the process of recovering the words learned during sleep. These brain structures regulate memory formation completely separate from the common state of consciousness, which is unconscious when sleeping and conscious when waking up.

Katharina said: “In the coming years, we will focus on researching ways to optimize deep sleep to collect new information and its consequences.”

Thus, through the results of research, it can be concluded that sleep not only helps us recover energy but you can also take advantage of sleep to learn other languages, such as English. This is good news for those who are lazy or too busy to learn English, right?

Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

Is the online English listening practice material effective?

When searching for “English learning materials when sleeping”, you will see many clips reading a list of thousands of words, or hundreds of sentence patterns …during your sleep. In fact, I assume that they only help you to acquaint yourself. Similarly, watching English cartoons a lots help you to know a few basic English sentences.

The effective way to practice listening English when sleeping, is to actually use them. The nature of language, is the connection between ideas in the brain, and the system of words.

If you sleep, and unconsciously listen to lists of words, it is like throwing messy things into “the memory room”. When you need to find something, it will be very difficult. Therefore, the effective way to practice listening English when sleeping, is to understand what you will hear, to create a verbal – idea connection.

Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

Thus, what is the best way to practice listening English while sleeping?

If you understand the above principle, online English learning materials can still be useful. In order to practice listening to English effectively when sleeping with online materials, you need to make sure that you understand all the meaning, read the subtitles of that audio if available, otherwise listen to them when you are awake, before applying during sleep.

In addition, there is another type of material that will help you to learn English effectively, which I recommend hereafter. They are English Audio specially designed for you when sleeping. Kill two birds with one arrow. Learning English while getting a good night’s sleep. Because sometimes listening to lists of words is quite difficult to sleep.

Moreover, these audio are often purposefully designed. Makers are very carefully in the use of words. Most will be positive energy words, so it will also trigger the law of gravity during sleep, bringing positive emotion to your life. Isn’t that great?

Some audio to helps you to practice listening to English effectively when sleeping.

The first is an an audio called Catnapper, which helps you to have 30 minutes of deep sleep. The guide in audio is quite simple, but will help you to master all the vocabulary related to limbs, body, and counting, etc.

What’s more? Dauschy, a Youtube Channel with lots of good audio. While other channels often use melodious music, Dauschy has a high-pitched voice. Moreover, the audio of Dauschy often has very unique content, such as 10-million-view audio hereafter, will help you heal mental and physical injuries, very interesting, right?

If you want to apply the law of gravitation, you can find Paul Santisi. His Youtube channel has a lot of audio with a wide range of topics. One of the audio I like the most is the 1-million-view clip with 1000 positive affirmations designed in the form of stereo.

If you want to travel in sleep, explore the dream world with interesting ideas, you can explore Youtube Channel Magic of Dreaming. For example, I really like the Crystal Watch, which has 2.5 million views.

Listening to its ads, the clip can help you… to be awake in your dreams, and fly like a superman. But I do not care much, the strength of the Audio Series of Magic of Dreaming is that the music is very good, the female voice is also very cool and easy to sleep.

So you’ve mastered the effective way to listen to English when when sleeping.

The most important effect of listening to English when sleeping is to help you to get used to the language. If you understand the content of the clip, visualize it in your head, then it is more efficient to create stronger language links. In general, you have to understand them, before… sleeping with them. Do not sleep indiscriminately, the results are indiscriminate too!

The interesting thing is that it is in combination with sleep, so it does not waste your time, try it!

Learn English While You Sleep, Why Not?

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