Easy English listening Lesson 10 – Joes First Car

Joe is 18 years old.
Joe works at McDonalds.
Joe saves all his money.
Joe has $2500.00 in the bank.
He wants to buy a sports car.
Joe starts to look for a new car.
Joe looks in the newspaper.
Joe looks in magazines.
Joe finds a car he likes.
Joe goes to see the car with his dad.
He really likes it.
Joe doesnt have enough money.
Joes dad tells him to keep saving his money.
Joe wants this car a lot.
Joe asks his dad to help him.
Joe and his dad make a deal.
Joes dad will lend him the money.
Joe must work hard.
He must pay the money back to his dad.
Joe is very happy.
Joe owns his first car.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. How old is Joe?
  2. Where does Joe work?
  3. What is Joe’s goal for saving money?
  4. How much money does Joe currently have in the bank?
  5. What does Joe want to buy with his savings?
  6. Where does Joe look for a new car?
  7. Who does Joe go to see the car with?
  8. Why doesn’t Joe have enough money to buy the car he likes?
  9. What deal do Joe and his dad make regarding the car?
  10. How does Joe feel when he finally owns his first car?

Please comment your answers!

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