DP Meaning – What Does DP Mean?

DP Meaning – What Is The Meaning of DP And How It Is Used?

What does DP stand for? This acronym represents a phrase that most people are familiar with, even if they don’t understand what it means in the first place. If you’re on social media, you can change your “DP” from time to time. If you have seen this acronym elsewhere and are browsing this page because you want to know what it means, you have come to the right place. Here you can find its meanings, details of its origin, and some other meanings. You will also see sample dialogues that you will enjoy reading and that will help you better understand the meaning. Finally, you’ll see some synonyms which can be used interchangeably in place of the original term.

DP Meaning - What Does DP Mean?

Meaning of DP

What is the definition of DP? 

DP stands for “display picture.”

The Internet acronym “DP” is used to describe the phrase “display picture.” The term refers to people’s profile pictures on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, so on.


“Aw, you DP is so cute. I love it.” (“Your profile picture is so cute.”)

“Love this pic of you. You should make that your DP on Facebook.” (“Your picture looks great. You should change it into your profile picture on Facebook.”)

DP: Where does it come from?

There is no exact information or details on the origin of this acronym or the phrase it represents. What we do know is that it has been used to describe this meaning and expression since at least 2005.

Different usage of this acronym

Apart from the DP meaning as a noun (profile picture), it can also be used as a verb (means to set a profile picture). 

Example: “You should DP this pic, it looks cute!”

Another popular meaning of the acronym “DP” is double penetration. This is a sexual reference that a woman (usually) is penetrated by two men (or a toy/combination of both) at the same time.

Example: “My girlfriend is a fan of DP.”

Apart from this meaning, DP also stands for a variety of terms. A list of other things that the abbreviation DP can stand for includes:

  •     Data Processing
  •     Dynamic Programming
  •     Democratic Party
  •     Digital Photography
  •     Development Plan
  •     Dual Processor
  •     Dynamic Positioning
  •     Data Privacy
  •     Deep Penetration
  •     Double Post (online forums)
  •     Death Proof (2007 movie)
  •     Director of Photography (film & television)
  •     Digital Power
  •     Detective Pikachu (movie)
  •     Dr Pepper
  •     Domestic Partner
  •     Data Package
  •     Direct Payment
  •     Dear Partner
  •     Doctor of Pharmacy
  •     Descriptive Programming
  •     Double Penetration

DP Meaning - What Does DP Mean?

Real-life examples in conversations

A text conversation between two girls

Girl 1: Have you seen my new DP on Facebook?

Girl 2: You changed your DP? Sorry, I did not notice that. I haven’t gone online since yesterday.

Girl 1: It’s OK. Remember to check it out, hit like, and leave a comment for me.

Girl 2: Sure. Don’t worry.

(In this example, two girls were chatting. One of them has just changed her profile picture and asked for opinion from the other. Unfortunately, the other did not have time to check her Facebook, but she promised to do that later.)

A online conversation between two Facebook users

User A (comments): Love your new DP. Where did you get that from?

User B: I found this on Pinterest. It’s cute, isn’t it?

User A: It is. Can I borrow this?

User B: Sure. It’s not mine anyway.

(In this example, one user set a new avatar for her Facebook. Another user commented that she liked it and asked for the source of the picture. The first user got it from Pinterest and agreed for the second user to borrow it – meaning set it as her own profile picture as well.)

More exemplary sentences

  •     Do you know how can I change my DP on Instagram?
  •     Have you seen my new DP?
  •     Your new DP is great. When did you take that?
  •     Your DP is so cute. I gotta steal it!
  •     When was the last time that you changed your DP?
  •     My DP just got 200 likes last night. I have never got such a viral DP before.
  •     Anna changed her DP last night and I barely recognize her in that photo.
  •     Why did you set your DP to private? – I just don’t want others to react.
  •     Do your companies force workers to set DP on events?
  •     Help, please! I can’t choose the suitable photo for my DP.
  •     I spent 3 hours last night to take selfies and chose the best one for my DP, but so far it has only got 50 likes! – You are crazy, you know?

Other phrases with similar meaning as “DP”

There are not so many alternative expressions that can be used in place of the acronym “DP“. Here are some phrases you can use alternately: “profile picture”, “avatar”, “account picture”.

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