NEET Meaning – What Does NEET Mean?

NEET Meaning – What is the meaning of the acronym “NEET”? How to use it effectively?

The abbreviation “NEET” is a relatively new kind of internet slang widely used by the general population on the internet. If it is the first time you have come across this acronym, do not miss out on this opportunity to learn something new. With an aim to help you better understand this slang, this article will define it and explain where it originates from. You will also learn how to use it in context with some examples and know the alternative ways to pronounce it while keeping the same meaning.

NEET Meaning - What Does NEET Mean?


What is the definition of “NEET”?

In general terms, “NEET” is an acronym used by the government to refer to a young person who is no longer in school, does not have a job, or is not in training. It appears to be especially relevant to a socioeconomic underclass lacking drive, desire, or ambition. Nowadays, this slang term is frequently used to imply the individual is still dependent on their parents’ income, making their lives better despite being that living with them is not compulsory. Furthermore, “NEETis also used uncommonly known as No Effort Exercise and Training.

History of NEET

NEET was coined in the United Kingdom, but it has since spread to other nations such as Japan, China, and South Korea. In the United Kingdom, the classification includes adults aged 16 to 24; the subcategory of NEETs aged 16–18 often receive special attention. In Japan, this category includes people aged 15 to 34 who are unemployed, not enrolled in school or vocational training, and not looking for a job. Once the usage of NEET was widespread online, it began expanding to other geographical locations via the internet, primarily through YouTube channels and Reddit. The word evolved to refer to these types of people in all methods, regardless of age. 

The newly established NLEET rate included in the International Labor Organization’s 2013 Global Youth Employment Trends report should be separated from NEET. The NLEET rate is an abbreviation for “no labor, education, or training.” Similarly to NEET, the unemployed are excluded because they are always in the labor field.

NEET Meaning - What Does NEET Mean?


Other meanings

The abbreviation “NEET” can also stand for “National Eligibility and Entrance Test,” which is the test that all pre-med students in India must take to be admitted to undergrad medical programs. 

Real-life Examples

A: Which school are you in?

B: I dropped out of school four years ago.

A: Do you have any jobs at the moment?

B: Uhm, definitely no

A: What? Are you a NEET?

B: No, I’m not a NEET. I’m not that kind of person

A: No school, no job. You are absolutely a NEET. Oh wait, are you participating in any training course?

B: Yes, I’m taking technical training in London.

Substitutes for NEET

Instead of using NEET, you can use other words in conversation that have the same meaning. Several are listed below:

  • Lazy
  • Slacker
  • Sluggish
  • Unmotivated
  • Beggar


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