TWOT Meaning – What Does TWOT Mean?

The abbreviation “TWOT” is one that is widely used on the internet and in text conversations. Assuming you at any point needed to thoroughly understand this abbreviation, this article is for you. Here you will find the meaning of this abbreviation, the origin of the expression related to the abbreviation, and conceivable different implications that may identify with this term in any structure. Likewise, you will see the abbreviation utilized appropriately in model discussions and see a few choices that have the same meaning to use instead of “TWOT”.

Meaning of TWOTTWOT Meaning - What Does TWOT Mean?

TWOT = Total waste of time

It is most normally utilized as a comment on posts or photographs by web clients who figure their time might have been exceptionally spent accomplishing something different as opposed to put the time spent in watching or taking a gander at the image or video.

Origin of TWOT

In the past, people used the phrase “that was a waste of time” in face-to-face conversations when someone devoted their time to do useless activities. With the advent of the Internet, many phrases like “that was a waste of time” were reduced to abbreviated forms to represent common phrases already spoken. These acronyms help people text to each other faster, easier, and more conveniently while still allowing them to maintain a regular conversation. However, the exact year that the phrase and the acronym first appeared is unknown.

TWOT other meaning

In some situations, TWOT has several other meanings including:

  • The war on terrorism
  • Theological wordbook of the old testament
  • The war on terror
  • The wheel of time
  • The word of truth
  • The wild oak trail
  • The worst of time


TWOT Meaning - What Does TWOT Mean?

Example 1:

A: Have you seen the video I sent you last night? 

B: Yes, but it is a TWOT!

A: I find it funny. Why don’t you think so?

Example 2:

A: Hey, do you know the game Overcooked is free in the Epic game store?

B: I have just heard that and I try to download it. 

A: I think it’s funny.

B: No, it’s a TWOT.


Here you can find some useful alternatives of “TWOT” that you can use to express the same meaning. They include:

  • why did you waste my time with that
  • I could’ve spent my time better elsewhere
  • that was a waste
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