Easy English listening Lesson 79 – Garden

The garden is very interesting. 
I sometimes go outside and I watch all the things that go on in the garden. 
It smells wonderful in the flower garden. 
There are red, white, pink and yellow roses that have a sweet smell. 
I watch the bees as they take pollen from the roses. 
There are tiny bugs that live on the rose bushes. 
My mother tries to get rid of the little bugs, but it is difficult to get rid of them. 
She is glad to see the red ladybugs, who eat the little bugs. 
The birds like the sunflowers. 
They like to eat sunflower seeds. 
There is a birdbath in the garden. 
The blackbirds and swallows go in there to take a drink or have a bath. 
I sometimes see a robin or a bluejay in there too. 
In the dirt there are little holes where the ants go in and out. 
The ants are hard workers. 
I watch them as they work together as a team to bring food to their nests. 
There are snails in the garden too. 
They carry their homes on their backs. 
They move slowly and leave a silvery trail as they go. 
They eat the leaves from my mother’s plants. 
My mother also has vegetables growing in her garden. 
She grows green peas. 
We like to pick those and eat the peas raw, right out of their pods. 
She grows lettuce and tomatoes too. 
We have so many tomatoes that we always give some to our neighbours. 
My mother sends us outside to pick lettuce and tomatoes whenever we have a salad. 
My favorite vegetables are carrots. 
Their tops grow above the earth, but the carrots are below the dirt. 
When you pick them, you have to pull the carrots out from under the soil. 
Weeds also grow in the garden. 
After a good rainfall, it seems that the weeds just spring up. 
I pull the weeds out by their roots so that they won’t grow back. 
Weeds choke the good plants, so we don’t want them in our garden. 
Gardening is a good hobby. 
You get fresh air, sunshine and exercise. 
You even get beautiful, colourful flowers and nice fresh food.

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