Words That Start With B | 100 Words Start with Letter B

Words That Start With B

Are you a beginning learner who wants to confidently communicate in English but does not know how to start? Are you a person who already knows some English but still faces many difficulties in understanding English texts or talks? Lack of vocabulary is considered one of the main reasons making it hard for you to learn any foreign language and apply it to your daily communication.

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with B.

Don’t worry as we have a special gift for you guys! Learn English The Fun Way has prepared the most frequently used English words to help you learn English more easily, and today’s post is the list of words that start with B. Let’s together take notes and keep them in mind right away!

Words That Start With B

Words That Start With B

List of 100 words that start with B

1 Baby
The baby was wrapped in a blanket.
2 Back
Shall we be back in time?
3 Backdrop
The Delaware River is the backdrop for the stage.
4 Backed
He slowly backed his car into the garage.
5 Background
The job would suit someone with a business background.
6 Backing
They want backing for more research.
7 Backlash
Such a decision may provoke a backlash from their supporters.
8 Backpack
She hauled her backpack onto her back.
9 Backup
Always have a backup plan.
10 Badly
He was spitting blood from a badly cut lip.
11 Bail
A wealthy businessman has stood bail for him.
12 Bailout
The bailout bill is a classic example of expediency over effectiveness.
13 Balance
I lost my balance and fell backwards.
14 Ball
He tossed Anna the ball.
15 Ballot
The party leader is elected by secret ballot.
16 Band
The band was playing old Beatles songs.
17 Bandwidth
Bandwidth and attenuation are the key factors.
18 Bank
The police observed a man enter the bank.
19 Banking
He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking.
20 Bankruptcy
She dared the danger of bankruptcy.
21 Barely
Sunlight barely penetrated the dirty windows.
22 Barrel
A barrel swells in the middle.
23 Barrier
Show your ticket at the barrier.
24 Base
He plays first base for the Red Sox.
25 Baseball
Baseball grew on me as I grew older.
26 Based
Her books are often based on folklore and fairy-tales.
27 Basic
He can’t grasp the basic concepts of mathematics.
28 Basically
The party’s principles are basically egalitarian.
29 Basis
This document will form the basis for our discussion.
30 Basketball
Let’s go and play basketball.
31 Bass
He answered my question in a surprisingly deep bass.
32 Bathroom
Which way is the bathroom?
33 Battery
Our bus won’t start because the battery is flat.
34 Battle
A good beginning is half the battle.
35 Battlefield
They carried the wounded from the battlefield.
36 Battling
Progress is slow but we keep battling on.
37 Beach
The waves frothed as they crashed onto the beach.
38 Bear
He tried to bring pressure to bear on her.
39 Beautiful
Male peacocks have beautiful plumage.
40 Beauty
Beauty is only skin deep.
41 Because
He is called Mitch, because his name is Mitchell.
42 Beer
They jazzed up after a round of beer.
43 Before
The golden age is before us, not behind us.
44 Begin
Major restoration work will begin in May.
45 Beginning
The academic year commences at the beginning of October.
46 Behalf
I paid the money on your behalf.
47 Behavior
His uncontrolled behavior disturbed the entire class.
48 Behind
He shrugged whimsically, his eyes crinkling behind his glasses.
49 Belief
They seem to equate intelligent belief with credulity.
50 Believe
Don’t believe all the gossip you hear.
51 Belong
Where do these plates belong?
52 Below
Water was dripping onto the floor below.
53 Benchmark
The truck industry is a benchmark for the economy.
54 Beneath
A great stretch of ocean lay beneath them.
55 Benefit
He couldn’t see the benefit of arguing any longer.
56 Best
Buying a house is the best hedge against inflation.
57 Beta
The revolutionary new system goes into beta test this month.
58 Better
Thank you for making me feel better.
59 Between
There is great difference between word and deed.
60 Beyond
The gem is beyond my pocket.
61 Bigger
Their car was bigger and therefore more comfortable.
62 Biggest
The show was the biggest flop in TV history.
63 Bike
Could you mend my bike for me?
64 Bill
I was absolutely staggered when I saw the bill.
65 Billing
The team justified their billing as the clear favourites to win.
66 Billion
The country’s trade surplus widened to 16.5 billion dollars.
67 Billionaire
Hauser is a billionaire several times over.
68 Biometric
Templates, or the data representing the enrollee’s biometric.
69 Bird
That bird tried to peck the baby.
70 Birth
He’s been deaf and dumb since birth.
71 Birthday
I feel really guilty at forgetting her birthday again.
72 Black
His black hair gleamed in the sun.
73 Blame
You can’t blame him for everything.
74 Blast
A huge bomb blast rocked central London last night.
75 Blaze
Dry wood makes a good blaze.
76 Blind
Her brother was born blind.
77 Block
A book that remains shut is but a block.
78 Blocked
The police have blocked the road.
79 Blocking
That person is blocking my view.
80 Blog
Do you actually want to monetize your blog?
81 Blood
Let me check your blood pressure.
82 Bloody
He is too bloody cocksure about everything.
83 Blow
The loss of his father was a grievous blow.
84 Blue
If you mix blue and yellow, you get green.
85 Board
He removed the figure from the board.
86 Boat
Are you going by boat or by air?
87 Body
A healthy mind is in a healthy body.
88 Bold
A c.ock is bold on his dunghill.
89 Bolster
He tried to bolster up their morale.
90 Bomb
The army experts made the bomb safe.
91 Bomber
Bomber planes were sent out with fighter escorts.
92 Bombings
There was a wave of bombings in London.
93 Bond
We entered into a solemn bond.
94 Bone
The dog pawed at the bone.
95 Bonus
The company used to give discretionary bonus payments.
96 Book
Only Tommy and I have read the book.
97 Boom
The boom has created job opportunities.
98 Boost
The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.
99 Boot
The thief gave me a boot in my stomach.
100 Border
He drove us right up to the Russian border.

Above is an article that summarizes 100 of the most common English words that start with B, which often appear in writing as well as in communication in daily life. Hopefully, with the list that we have provided above, you can learn English words more quickly and easily.

Remember that “Nothing worth having comes easy”! Surely, in order to master English vocabulary, you have to study hard and your hard work will pay off in the future. Therefore, we hope that you will not give up on your journey of conquering the English language with this list of Words That Start With B. Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing with another list of English vocabulary!

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