Yiy Meaning – What Does Yiy Mean?

What Does Yiy Mean? How To Use This Term With These Handy Examples?

The slang term “yiy” is commonly used in conversation and music today. If you’re curious what this term means, stay tuned. Here you will not only find out the meaning of the term, but you will also find information about its origin if available and find out if the term has other meanings. You’ll also find some sample conversations so you can see how to properly use this sentence in context and some alternative words or phrases that you can use interchangeably with it for similar meaning transitions.


What is the Meaning of Yiy?

Meaning of Yiy

The term “yiy”, pronounced “eye,” is considered a slang term in the United States, but it is by no means a slang term. The term is a Jamaican term for the word “eye”.

Origin of Yiy

The slang term “yiy” originates from Jamaica. In the country of Jamaica, there is a language similar to Creole in Louisiana. In this country, the language is called patois. The word “yiy” in this language means “eye” and that is the origin of the word. The term has become popular slang in the United States in recent years due to its use in rap music.

Other Meanings of Yiy

A user contributing to the Urban Dictionary website says that the term slang can also mean the opposite of the word “yay” and is used to express frustration rather than excitement.

Yiy can also mean a variation of yaa, which is a variant of yeah, a transliteration of a variation of “yes” or used as new YO.


Let’s Look at the Examples

A text conversation between two gamers

Player 1: It’s been fun, but I need to lay down and close my yiy.

Player 2: Lay down and close what? What on earth is yiy?

Player 1: You serious? Yiy means my eyes. They suffer from six-hour non-stop game that we just played.

Player 2: Where do you get that slang?

Player 1: Dude, it’s everywhere on the Internet.

In this example, two game players were talking with each other after a long exhausting game. One expressed the need to rest his “yiy”, but the other didn’t get the meaning of that sentence. After being explained, he finally got it, maybe he would begin to use “yiy” afterwards.

A conversation between two classmates after school

Student 1: I need to rest my yiy. Student 2: What are you talking about? I don’t get it. Student 1: LOL, I mean I need to get some rest with my eyes. It’s been itching all day long looking at those numbers. This example is similar to the previous one. The two were talking about the long hours of school. One said he needed to get his yiy (or eyes) rest and the other needed some explanation for that.

A conversation between two friends

Jack: Oh my God, I think I’ll only win, there’s one number left in the lottery! John: OMG, really? Congrats! Jack: Yiy, I missed it. John: Don’t be too sad, bro. In this example, one friend almost won a lottery but lost it in the last moment. He was obviously disappointed when he said “yiy” (which is the opposite of “yay”), and the other comforted him not to be too sad.

Example in rap lyrics

  • Right, my yiy just changed. You just buzzed the front gate. I thank God you came. How many more days could I wait?

Yiy is Patois for “eye” and “Yiy” change means to change your eye, not literally but it’s a slang which means to get some sleep/rest, or to rejuvenate or to regain composure when your eyes are fried from exhaustion, especially partying/raving. “Change yuh yiy” just simply means getting rest and coming back to touch the road.

Other exemplary sentences

  • Yiy, my favorite character in the whole season just died.
  • Yiy, I just asked my crush out today and she said yes!
  • That girl is so annoying! – Yiy.
  • Hey yiy, what’s up?
  • I’m so tired, I need to change my yiy.
  • My yiy was about to drop out after two sleepless nights in a row.
  • I just saw your boyfriend with another girl on the street! – Yiy! I can’t be more disappointed of him.

Alternatives to Yiy

There are a limited number of ways to use other words in place of the term “yiy” conveying the same meaning. Here are some ways to do it:

  • eyes
  • eyeballs
  • organs of sight
  • eyelets
  • peeper
  • orb
  • optic
  • globe
  • interstice

Other Meanings of YIY

When written as “YIY” or even “yiy”, the word can be the abbreviation of quite a lot of names and phrases. Therefore, it depends on the context to really figure out what meaning yiy can have. Here are some examples:

  • Yoga Is Youthfulness
  • Yoront: a language of Australia
  • Youth Inspiring Youth
  • Yoga is Youth


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