Easy English listening Lesson 5 – My House

I live in a house.
My house is small.
My house has two bedrooms.
My Mom and Dad sleep in one bedroom.
My sister and I share the other bedroom.
My house has a kitchen.
My Mom and Dad cook dinner there every night.
My house has a living room.
My family watches television there every night.
My house has a big bathroom.
My house has a lot of closets.
My house has a basement.
My Dad has a workshop in the basement.
My Dad makes wood furniture.
My house does not have a second floor.
My house has a garage.
My house has a big backyard.
My backyard has a maple tree.
My backyard has a swimming pool.
My backyard has a vegetable garden.
My family likes our house.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. How many bedrooms does the house have?
  2. Who sleeps in one bedroom, and who shares the other bedroom?
  3. What activities does the family do in the kitchen?
  4. Where does the family watch television every night?
  5. What does the Dad do in the basement?
  6. What type of furniture does the Dad make in his workshop?
  7. What features does the backyard have?
  8. What is in the backyard besides the maple tree?
  9. What is in the basement of the house?
  10. How does the family feel about their house?

Please comment your answers!

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Nyi Nyi Nanda

You said your house is very small and you have a big swimming pool and big backyard and vegetable garden and a freaking maple tree?????? That very weird