Easy English listening Lesson 17 – Thanksgiving

We are having Thanksgiving at our house.
My whole family is coming.
My parents bought a turkey.
It weighs 30 pounds.
It takes a long time to cook.
My Mom wakes up early to cook the turkey.
I clean the house with my Dad.
The house smells good.
We help Mom in the kitchen.
I peel potatoes and carrots.
My Dad makes pumpkin pies.
My Mom cooks squash.
I help my Mom make stuffing.
I mix the bread and spices.
We make good stuffing.
It goes inside the turkey.
We put on nice clothes.
I set the table.
My Dad carves the turkey.
My Mom makes the gravy.
Our relatives arrive.
We say “thank you” for all we have.
We eat and eat.
It is a good Thanksgiving.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What holiday are you celebrating in the paragraph?
  2. Who is coming to your house for Thanksgiving?
  3. What did your parents buy for Thanksgiving dinner?
  4. How much does the turkey weigh?
  5. What does your mom do early in the morning on Thanksgiving?
  6. What tasks do you and your dad do to prepare for Thanksgiving?
  7. What do you help your mom with in the kitchen?
  8. What is one thing your dad makes for Thanksgiving?
  9. What do you do to contribute to the stuffing?
  10. How do you describe your Thanksgiving dinner in the end?

Please comment your answers!

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