WYM – What does wym mean?

WYM: What is its definition and How to use it effectively?

Ever wonder why your friends say “WYM” when chatting and texting with you? If you do, this page is the right place that will help you grasp knowledge of this term. Here we will provide you with “WYM” definition, its origin, and different ways to use the term effectively in daily conversations. Let’s get started!

WYM Meaning - What does WYM mean?

WYM: What is its definition?

WYM is short term for “What you mean?

What you mean” is a slang phrase for the right grammatical sentence “What you do mean?“. The text abbreviation WDYM may also be used to denote this sentence. Note that, contrary to popular belief, these acronyms do not require a question mark. WYM and WDYM are popular text messaging and social networking acronyms. According to 7ESL, English speakers often say, “Watchu mean?” as a way to ask for an explanation of something.

Conversation Examples

Example 1: Two friends are talking about taking an Engineering class, but one of them does not get what his friend is saying because he is studying Arts. He does not see any similarities between his major and Engineering. So, he rejects his friend’s offer.

  • A: Hey, I’m attending an Engineering class. It’s so good, you should join it!
  • B: WYM? How can I attend an Engineering class? I’m studying Arts.
  • A: But it’s so interesting, and Engineering and Arts can be relevant.
  • B: IMK, Engineering has nothing to do with Arts, my friend. So, I can’t take the class.

Example 2: Two friends are texting with each other. One of them says she is going to her friend’s house to get her cell phone. However, the other one does not understand the reason why, and she needs some explanations.

  • A: That’s it, I’m going to Emma’s house. I can’t find my cell phone. I must have put it in her house this afternoon.
  • B: WYM you can’t find your cell phone?
  • A: Yeah, I found it everywhere, it just disappears.
  • B: Then how are you texting right now? On laptop?
  • A: No, I’m using my mom’s phone. Urh, SMDH!

WYM - What does wym mean?

Example 3:

A girl posts a status on her Facebook site: I can’t believe people hate Engineering! It just makes no sense. We live on Engineering!!!#WYM

In this example, “WYM” is used as a hashtag, so that she can link her status with any other statuses that has the same meaning or way of saying.

Different Usage

  • What You Mean
  • Watch Your Mouth
  • Would You Mind?
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