Easy English listening Lesson 18 – Learning How to Drive

Amy is 16 years old.
She lives in a small town.
Amy is learning how to drive.
Amys dad is giving her lessons.
Amys dads name is Howard.
Amy has had three lessons.
Amy and her dad argue during the lessons.
Amys mom is giving her driving lessons.
Amys moms name is Jane.
Jane has given Amy a lesson.
Jane has decided to stop giving Amy lessons.
Jane and Amy argue during the lessons too.
Amys parents call a driving school.
Amy is going to get lessons from a professional.
The classes cost $300 for 10 lessons.
The lessons are very good.
Amy learns how to drive.
Amy gets her license.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. How old is Amy?
  2. Where does Amy live?
  3. What is Amy learning to do?
  4. Who is giving Amy driving lessons?
  5. How many lessons has Amy had from her dad?
  6. What is Amy’s dad’s name?
  7. Who takes over giving Amy driving lessons after her mom stops?
  8. Why do Amy and her parents decide to call a driving school?
  9. How much does the driving school lessons cost?
  10. What is the outcome for Amy at the end of the paragraph?

Please comment your answers!

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