Easy English listening Lesson 8 – Marks Big Game

Marks favourite sport is hockey.
He is 15 years old.
Mark practices three times a week.
Practices are two hours long.
Mark plays one game a week.
Mark is a good hockey player.
He plays on Friday nights.
Friday night hockey games are popular.
Marks family watches him play.
Marks friends watch him play too.
There are always many fans.
Tonight is the big game.
Coaches are coming to watch Mark play.
Mark wants to play in the National Hockey League.
Mark wants to make a lot of money.
It is very hard to play in the NHL.
Marks parents want him to go to college.
They want him to have an education.
They want Mark to be successful.
They want Mark to be happy.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is Mark’s favorite sport?
  2. How old is Mark?
  3. How often does Mark practice hockey, and how long are the practices?
  4. How frequently does Mark play games?
  5. When does Mark usually play his hockey games?
  6. What is the significance of Friday night hockey games?
  7. Who watches Mark play his hockey games?
  8. What is happening tonight according to the paragraph?
  9. What are Mark’s aspirations in terms of his hockey career?
  10. What are Mark’s parents’ expectations for his future?

Please comment your answers!

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