Easy English listening Lesson 9 – The Easter Egg Hunt

Samantha is going to an Easter egg hunt.
Tracey is going to an Easter egg hunt.
The Easter egg hunt is at Sydney’s house.
It is going to be fun.
Sydney’s mom hid chocolate eggs.
Sydney’s mom hid chocolate bunnies.
Everybody is here.
Everybody has an Easter basket.
The Easter egg hunt can start.
Everybody must close their eyes.
One, two, three, go!
Samantha finds an Easter egg.
The Easter egg is behind a table.
She puts it in her basket.
Tracey finds a chocolate Easter bunny.
It’s under the couch.
Tracey puts in her basket.
Sydney finds a chocolate Easter bunny too.
It’s in front of the television.
She puts in her basket.
Everybody finds lots of chocolate.
Everybody shares their chocolate.
Samantha, Tracey, and Sydney love Easter.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. Who is going to the Easter egg hunt?
  2. Where is the Easter egg hunt taking place?
  3. What did Sydney’s mom hide for the Easter egg hunt?
  4. What do all the participants have before the egg hunt starts?
  5. What must everybody do before the Easter egg hunt begins?
  6. Describe where Samantha finds an Easter egg.
  7. Where does Tracey find a chocolate Easter bunny?
  8. Where does Sydney find her chocolate Easter bunny?
  9. What do all the participants find during the Easter egg hunt?
  10. How do Samantha, Tracey, and Sydney feel about Easter according to the paragraph?

Please comment your answers!

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