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Are you learning a language? I’m sure the majority of the answers to this question is “yes”, because languages are so essential in this era of global integration, especially English. It is spoken by most people in the world; therefore, being able to communicate in English is a must for those who want to travel all around the world and make friends. As a matter of fact, while some people find it easy to learn English (French or German because there are similarities between them), others encounter great obstacles to master it, especially speaking skills. However, if you believe that only people with extraordinary capabilities can communicate in a new language fluently and confidently, you are wrong. Therefore, in order to correct your misconceptions, this post will provide some tips to make you “extraordinary”.


1.Think confidently

I know there are a lot of people out there who feel that they are not special or talented at all, especially youngsters. However, everybody is particularly good at one thing, and do not ever think that you are exceptional, it’s just because you haven’t found out your strong points. Even Albert Einstein said that: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”, and don’t tell me you have no trust in this brilliant scientist of all time. Indeed, you may have some characteristics that you do not find valuable, but they actually help you stand out such as good qualities in looks, friendships, talents, and personality. You may not be very intelligent, but you have a thirst for learning new things. You may not be flawlessly pretty, but have smiley eyes which are very pleasant to look at. So, stop looking down on yourself and think positively from now on. If you even do not believe in yourself, who ever will?


2.Make eye contact

This is one of the most critical factors to help achieve effective communication, because it maintains interaction between speakers. Don’t be afraid if you meet others’ eyes, just look them back in their eyes as it will not only show that you are a person worthy of talking with but also signifies your respect for them. Keeping eye contact with those to whom you are talking means that you are actively listening and paying attention, so it should be visible from both sides. Indeed, if you look at your shoes or some distance off the listeners, you may risk coming over as a rude person, which definitely will not do you good, especially when you are in an interview.Human’s eyes are often said to be the windows of the soul, which showcase genuine emotions and feelings when you look into them. So if you do not harbor strong feelings of hatred for somebody, but respect and like them, tell them your affection with your eyes so that your relationships won’t be spoiled by your mere shyness.


3.Have approachable body language.

You should also make sure that your body language is friendly enough for others to realize. In other words, approachable posture and behaviors are important when you are in a conversation because your partners can feel a sense of intimacy, and your dialogues will be much comfortable. But what should you do to achieve this goal? Make some changes to your posture so that it is an upright one, and a cheerful smile should also be visible. Use facial expressions in combination with your body to show your interest in the speakers’ stories, as they are always better than indifference and make the conversations much more animated.




There is a wide range of exciting topics online for you to freely practice, and fascinating ideas to support you are at your fingertips. The process is long or short depends upon your hard work and time you spend practicing, so laziness will get you nowhere. You can also make use of a mirror to practice speaking naturally. Also, check up on your progress as regards posture, eye contact and body language. Over time, there will absolutely be remarkable improvements provided that you are diligent, so make sure you are not too easy with yourself. If you do not make efforts to better yourself, in one year’s time, you will still be the incompetent version of yesterday, and the only significant difference is that, oops, you are one year older. Everyone has difficulties in giving up bad habits, and one way to change the situation is to think about your satisfaction and achievements if you get rid of them. The thought of success is too enough to give anyone an incentive for their attempts.


2.Seek for support

Surely there are many sources that can offer valuable advice and tips for your improvements in speaking skills. You see your teachers of English at school every day, meet foreigners on a lot of occasions, and is within easy reach, which makes it easier than ever to enforce your English. You can ask your teachers to give comments on your records as regards pronunciation, intonation, or the way you develop your ideas. Native speakers you meet can help you to train your reflex to frequently asked questions, and you can communicate naturally when you get used to them. Especially, visiting our website regularly will equip you with “hacks” which assist you in learning English easily, and we have a lot of posts about speaking skills! If you have no trust at all in my advice, go for them in order to verify it. However, be cautious because when you put them into practice, you may regret doubting their effectiveness.


Well, you have explored small but practical tips that help boost your confidence and fluency while speaking English, and it will be much greater if you successfully apply them to daily conversations. I hope that through your confidence, which many youngsters fail to acquire, you can make a good initial impression on others as a polite and respectful person. Last of all, I wish you success with your mission to master English speaking skills.

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