Whooty Meaning – What Does Whooty Mean?

What Does “Whooty” Stand For and How To Use It Effectively?

Have you ever wondered what the young mean when they use the word “Whooty” in daily conversations or on social networking sites? If you do, this article is the perfect one for you. Here you will find the definition of “Whooty”, its origin as well as useful real-life examples and synonyms so you can gain a full understanding of “Whooty”. From that, you will be able to use it efficiently, just as well as the young do.

Whooty Meaning - What Does Whooty Mean?


What is the definition of “Whooty”?

In order to refer to a white female with a lovely face, a slender waist, and a voluptuously huge, generous, and attractive booty, people use the slang “Whooty”. The plural form of this noun is “Whooties”. 

Where does the slang “Whooty” come from?

No one knows the exact original information of “Whooty”, however, it is claimed that “Whooty” was created as the blend of the “wh” in the phrase “white girl” with the “ooty” in the word “booty” to form the term “whooty”. The phrase “White girl” here refers to young Caucasian women but it’s typically associated with notions of vacuous materialists. It’s undeniable that this slang word is becoming more popular and widespread in online communication because “Whooty” is frequently used by individuals to describe a fantastic booty on a hot white girl. In fact, the word “Whooty” is sometimes written as “Wooty” for short.

Other interpretations/usages

There are no additional known meanings of this slang at this time. However, if you do know some other definitions of “Whooty“, please let us know so we can update our data.

Whooty Meaning - What Does Whooty Mean?

Real-life Examples with “Whooty”

Example 1

Anna: Hey Jessie, long time no see. How have you been?

Jessie: Long time no see you. I’m pretty good. How about you? Is there anything new?

Anna: Oh nothing special. I have something want to ask you.

Jessie: Go ahead!

Anna: Do you know Kylie? She has just moved to your neighborhood one month ago.

Jessie: Yes, of course. My mom likes her family so much. But what’s the problem with her?

Anna: Nothing, she is dating my brother. Have you seen her? What does she look like?

Jessie: Uhm, how to say… I was so impressed when I met her for the first time. She is a whooty!

Example 2

A: Hey the movie on the TV last night was awesome. It was so interesting that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

B: Agree. I saw it with my parents and they even praised it for the great plot twist.

A: Yes, the plot was amazing! But I was so attracted to the main actress. She was a whooty and her acting skills were wonderful.

Alternatives to the slang word “whooty”

The word “Whooty” can be pronounced in a variety of ways while still conveying the same meaning, including:

  • a white booty girl
  • a female with a big butt
  • a white chick with an ass
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