365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 5

168 Is this seat taken.
169 It all depends.
170 It can happen to anyone.
171 It doesn’t make any difference.
172 It doesn’t matter to me.
173 It doesn’t work.
174 It drives me crazy.
175 It isn’t much.
176 It really comes in handy.
177 It slipped my mind.
178 It takes time.
179 It will come to me.
180 It will do you good.
181 It won’t happen again.
182 It won’t take much time.
183 It won’t work.
184 It’s nice meeting you.
185 It’s a deal.
186 It’s a long story.
187 It’s a nice day today.
188 It’s a once in a lifetime chance.
189 It’s a pain in the neck.
190 It’s a piece of cake.
191 It’s a small world.
192 It’s a waste of time.
193 It’s about time.
194 It’s all my fault.
195 It’s awesome.
196 It’s awful.
197 It’s been a long time.
198 It’s better than nothing.
199 It’s essential.
200 It’s hard to say.
201 It’s incredible.
202 It’s just what I had in mind.
203 It’s my pleasure.
204 It’s no big deal.
205 It’s not your fault.
206 It’s nothing.
207 It’s only a matter of time.
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