How To Improve English Writing Skills

English experts consider English writing the most difficult of the four skills because it requires the writer to understand a lot of factors such as vocabulary, grammar, logic, etc. Therefore, if you want to learn to write English efficiently, don’t try to cram knowledge into your brain. Moreover, in English, writing skill is not the same as speaking skill because it is not an ability that we naturally acquire, even in our native language – this skill needs to be regularly practiced. Here are the methods to help learners write English fluently that we would like to share with readers.

Learn about types of writing

To start practicing writing skills, the very first thing you have to do is to find yourself a topic to write and choose a writing style that suits that topic. You can find English writing topics everywhere, from a menu to a wedding invitation, a newspaper to a description of real estate apartments.

Note: for the same topics, they will share the same features, layout, solemnity, and words, and vice versa. Obviously, the way of writing a product complaint letter is very different from the way of writing a creative poem.

Today formal writing is often used in academia and business. However, you will have to learn how to use words and conventions to suit each specific context.

How To Improve English Writing Skills

Stages of forming the writing

Here are the stages from preparation to completion of a piece of writing for those who want to improve their writing skills. However, in some cases, it is not necessary to fully implement all these steps. It is essential that you depend on the type of writing you want to write or whether there are any time limits set up for you.

1.Getting ideas for the writing

This is the first step in approaching the writing process. Even when writing a regular complaint letter, you still have to come up with the idea to make the content entirely meaningful and help readers understand the crucial points that you want to emphasize.

Next, prepare blank sheets of paper to write all your ideas about the topic. Then, classify and group these ideas, each group can include the best three ideas. You can use all of these ideas in your writing or just use a little bit. This is not a problem because this preparation step is only to help you overcome the barrier: “I cannot find anything to write.”

How To Improve English Writing Skills

2. Focus on ideas

After you’ve listed your ideas on paper, take a few minutes to think about which ideas are most important or closely related to the topic on which you are about to put the pen down. If there is a great idea, you can put that idea at the heart of the piece of writing.

When writing English essays, this is an important step and is referred to as a “mindmap.” In English classes, teachers often encourage their students to write all the ideas on the board and may come with illustrations to stimulate students to have more ideas.

When presenting ideas, don’t worry too much about grammar or spelling errors. You should also prepare yourself a dictionary or any technology that can help you translate vocabulary that you do not know. Don’t let anything stop your idea.

How To Improve English Writing Skills

3. Make reference to the sample writing

After you have the ideas, try to refer to the content of the writing with similar topics to help you raise awareness about the genre and understand more about the English conventions used for each specific type of paper. In addition, these samples also help you have some more rich vocabulary and identify the language features as well as general rules for each writing category so that you can apply well to your own writing.

For example, when you write a cover letter, you need to identify the function of each paragraph in the article as follows:

  • The reason you wrote the letter
  • How did you find this job
  • Your experience, skills, and abilities
  • The end of the writing: request an interview

Determine the structure and function of each paragraph in your paper so that your writing is coherent, and you will understand why the topic sentences play an important role, especially when writing English essays.

4. Arrange ideas

After mastering the steps above, you will now proceed to organize your own ideas in the same way. You need to determine how many paragraphs your writing will contain and what the main points in each paragraph will be. You can sketch ideas out on paper.

5. Practice writing skills

For well-known writers and authors or professional writers, they will have to go through a struggle with multiple sketches before making a final work.

However, this is not always the case, especially when you enter English writing contests for a limited time. But when you practice writing skills at home or in a regular English class, this is entirely possible.

How To Improve English Writing Skills

6. Make an evaluation of the writing

When completing the final draft, you should review the whole writing and check details about grammar and spelling. Afterward, asking for a teacher or someone with proficient English skills to help you correct and handle the limited problems to learn and improve from your mistakes. Thanks to this, your writing skills will certainly witness improvements everyday.

How To Improve English Writing Skills


By practicing writing skills with some or all of the steps mentioned above, learners can use their own ideas to create a piece of writing with English conventions for a specific type of text suitably. In this way, you can convey your message effectively and also understand the expectations of the reader.

Persevere in practicing writing every day so that one day you will be able to reach the initial goal you have set. We wish you success with these methods to improve your English writing skills!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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