Essential Checklist to Perform On Your Content

Have you created content for your client for the first time, and you think it is perfect in every sense? It could be but wait. Have you performed multiple checks to analyse whether it is ready to go? If not, do it now. Otherwise, you will have to do revisions that could annoy and get you fed up with writing.

This article will discuss the key things you need to check before publishing the content. Here they are!

1.   Uniqueness

The content for websites, social media pages, and even academic assignments is useless if it isn’t unique. Unfortunately, creating unique content is very difficult for new writers as they don’t have enough expertise to develop content that can achieve its goals perfectly. So, they copy the published content and paste it into their text. They know content is the king, but they don’t know the creative content is the king, not the duplicated one. So you must check plagiarism every time you submit content. Otherwise, you will not only get the content back for revision but also lose your reputation. For this purpose, you can use an online plagiarism checker that will compare your content with the content of other websites and give you results.


  • What to do if plagiarism is detected?


So, what’s the solution to this problem if plagiarism is detected? Paraphrase the content! Paraphrasing is a technique that many writers use to remove plagiarism from their content and make it 100% unique. In this technique, you are supposed to rewrite the text in your own words without modifying the context.

Essential Checklist to Perform On Your Content

If you are good at paraphrasing, you can do it manually. Otherwise, you can get help from a paraphrase tool that can do the entire work by saving your time and energy. A reliable and free paraphrasing tool will remove all instances of plagiarism. They replace the words and phrases with their synonyms. That’s how they can remove plagiarism without modifying the context.

2.   Grammar Check

After removing plagiarism, now is the time to move on to grammar. A grammatically incorrect sentence can ruin the beauty of your article. Even those sentences or phrases can also confuse readers. That’s why you need to ensure that your articles are grammatically perfect. So that article will be able to communicate your message effectively. Even when you use the punctuation marks accurately, it creates a solid impression on the readers. That’s why you must not compromise on grammar. Always proofread your article to find out the mistakes and remove them before sending your content to anyone.

However, if you are a non-native or don’t have a command of grammar, you can get help from an online grammar checker. This tool helps to check grammar issues in content and provides suggestions to remove the errors. So, don’t worry about grammar. Instead, open any grammar check tool and make your content lively and fresh. A dependable tool can also polish your articles as you can find the synonyms to the words you have repeatedly used in your writing.

3.   Facts

If you have written an informative article or blog, you must ensure that the facts and stats you have used are 100% accurate. If they aren’t, it could affect your credibility as a writer. Unfortunately, sometimes the writers make up some facts for themselves and publish the articles. This practice is considered a sin in the blogging world. Besides that, it is ethically inappropriate to use the wrong facts as they can ruin someone’s career, reputation, or even life.

Your articles must be backed by solid research. If you don’t do it, the selection of words and terminologies can reflect your lack of knowledge. As a writer, you cannot afford to leave any impression regarding a lack of knowledge and research on your readers. Therefore, you must check every fact you mentioned in your article. If necessary, you can quote from where you have got them. That’s how you can shift the burden of truth on other authors.

4.   Brand Consistency

When writing for marketing or advertising content, you must choose the words that indicate the brand values. Your words, terminologies, tone, and style should match the brand voice. Otherwise, your effort will go in vain. That’s why you need to align your content with brand values. That’s how you can win the trust of your clients and get more work regularly.

Now the question is, how to check whether your content matches the brand voice or not? There are no such tools that can help you in it. Your only option is to read and analyse the already published content. It can assist you in learning which kind of language you should prefer for writing the content.


Building a good reputation as a writer demands a lot of hard work and consistency. And maintaining it requires more effort. A single mistake can ruin everything you have built as a writer. That’s why you should focus on every single aspect that can make or break content.

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