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TFW Meaning – What Does TFW Mean?

The definition of TFW and its use with plenty of examples in conversations

What does TFW stand for? This is the right place where you can find the definition and use of this acronym. On this page, you can also find some useful information about this abbreviation, along with examples of real-life conversations.

TFW Meaning - What Does TFW Mean?

Meaning of TFW

What is the definition of “TFW”

“TFW” is the shortened version for “that feel when.”

It can be used in many cases. It often appears at the top of social media posts and comments to explain a person’s feelings at that time. The acronym is usually followed by a sentence describing the experience. Depending on the publishing method, it may also be accompanied by an image. The correct form of this phrase should be “that feeling when”. However, like other internet slang, it doesn’t follow a lot of grammatical rules. This phrase can be used in e-mail, text messages, and messages. The most common place to find it is on social media posts, especially memes. Using TFW in combination with a variety of images and GIFs, users can express their current mood and post messages to entertain friends and social network followers.

Example from Twitter posts:

TFW you get to your door and don’t have your keys”

(means “That (terrible) feeling when you get home and don’t have the keys”)

TFW she gives you a back hug.”

(means “That great feeling when she (your girlfriend) gives you a back hug”)

Where does “TFW” come from?

It is not known where the phrase came from, but some might have rediscovered it from the “I know that feel bro” meme. This caption is the tagline and reaction image depicting two brothers hugging. This expression is often used to indicate sympathy.

Different usage of the term

TFW also means “that face when” in relation to the facial expression of a person or animal after experiencing something that causes a physical or emotional response, as shown in the photo or video accompanying. Another slang that has the same meaning as “TFW” is “MFW” which stands for “My Face When”.

Like other abbreviations, TFW can adopt multiple different meanings like:

  •     Thanks for watching (Youtube)
  •     Tactical Fighter Wing
  •     Travel for work
  •     Time for wine
  •     Toxic flood water
  •     The force within
  •     The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch book)
  •     Tropical Fresh Water
  •     Timber Fish Wildlife
  •     Toronto Fashion Week
  •     Training For Work

It really depends on the full sentence or conversation for someone to understand it in the right way. Let’s look at the following examples.

  •     I hope you guys enjoyed this video, TFW and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe! (TFW = Thanks for watching)
  •     We learned about the Korean War and USAF’s 8th TFW. (TWF = Tactical Fighter Wing)
  •     So lucky I get to tfw to the Bahamas just to talk to our partner’s Vice President of Sales. (twf = travel for work)

TFW Meaning - What Does TFW Mean?

Real-life examples in conversations

You may see the phrase “TFW” used in various situations in English. Now let’s take a look at some examples to show what you can expect.

On a social media post

“TFW you find $100 in your old jeans’ pocket.”

In this Twitter post, you can see that the “feel” or the feeling the writer want the readers to understand is a feeling of lucky and joy.  This person accidently find a sum of money that he/she had left forgotten in old jeans. After finding it, this person should have been quite happy.

A conversation two friends

Friend 1: I heard you broke up with Joe. How are you feeling?

Friend 2: Not bad actually. I should have done that earlier.

Friend 1: How’s that?

Friend 2: You know TFW you suddenly realize you get rid of the old shoes that do not fit you anymore? That’s how I’m seeing this.

Friend 1: Well, I guess it’s better for both of you.

(In this example, Friend 2 just separated from her boyfriend Joe. Friend 2 was worried that she might be sad. However, to Friend 1’s surprise, Friend 2 did not seem to be sad. Her feeling might be something of a relief when she knew that was the right thing to do.)

More exemplary sentences

  • TFW she wants to see your abs but you have none
  • TFW you take 2 seconds to reply but he takes 2 years to reply
  • TFW you fall asleep during your haircut and when you wake up you’re bald
  • TFW you’re getting to the good part of the video but the ad starts
  • TFW you realize your favorite song on play in the club
  •  “tfw you’re too stressed to work well but you feel guilty when you take a break to fully destress”

Other ways to say the slang

There is actually no other form of this abbreviation, except for the use of uppercase TFW or lowercase tfw, which are both accepted.

Similar phrases to replace TFW

You can definitely replace the TFW phrase with the full version if you want to make the meaning clear:

  •     That feeling when
  •     The feeling when
  •     The face when
  •     That face when
  •     Thanks for watching
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