MFW Meaning – What Does MFW Mean?

MFW: Definition, Origin and Useful Examples 

Today, using acronyms is one of the most common means of communicating online and by text. One of the most widespread acronyms is “MFW”. This article will give you all the information you need about the abbreviation “MFW“. It includes the most commonly accepted definition, examples, and additional options. You’ll also learn how to use it correctly and, and if possible, learn about its origins in this article.

MFW Meaning – What does MFW Mean?

What is the definition of “MFW”?

According to Urban Dictionary, the acronym “MFW” is short for “My Face When”. This slang term is a popular statement used to make fun of someone’s words or actions. This would be classified as an emotion or an expression of emotion and usually followed by a reaction chart that shows the emotions of the poster in stories. In 4chan boards, “MFW” is frequently used. They normally insert the image or a meme face next to the text, with “MFW” at the end. Furthermore, the abbreviation “MFW” is used to refer to what you must accomplish, but it may not be in the way you choose.

Where does the slang term “MFW” come from?

In late 2009, “MFW” initially featured on 4chan’s green text stories. On June 12th, 2010, this was the first submission for “>MFW” to the Urban Dictionary, and the acronym is considered to mean “my face when…“. Since then, it has gained popularity among social media users. They used it in reaction postings and photographs, generally with the “greater than the symbol” (>) that separates story parts. Additionally, It didn’t take long for it to propagate on several social media platforms. It also acquired its own subreddit a year later, where users could submit all of their finest reaction memes.

Other Usages

In fact, people consider “MFW” as a variety of meanings, including:

  • My Father’s World
  • Man for Woman
  • Meeting for Worship (Quaker practice)
  • Mutual Fund Wrap
  • Michigan Fashion Week
  • Media Firewall

Alternative slangs

HIFW How I feel when
TFW That feeling when
MRW My reaction when
IFYP I feel your pain
LOL Laugh out loud
TNTL Trying not to laugh
JK Just kidding

Real-life Examples

Example 1: In this conversation, A and B are talking about how surprised and happy they are when expecting a wedding.

A: MFW I saw my brother proposed to Jessica yesterday.

B: Yes, it was a surprise. I can’t believe they’ve been in such a long relationship.

A: Yeah, but I feel so happy for them.

B: Did he tell you when his wedding happen?

A: Next year, I guess. 

B: I am looking forward to attending his wedding.

Example 2: A and B are talking about the movie A saw last night in this conversation.

A: Hey, did you go to the movies last night? I saw someone who looked like you.

B: No, I spent the entire day at home. What movie did you see?

A: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. I’d seen it before, and this was the second time I’d seen it. MFW I saw Daniel Radcliffe. You know that he was awesome.

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