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Short Funny Stories – 46 Satan’s Fence

Short Funny Stories – 46 Satan's Fence

Satan was building a fence around hell one day when St. Peter saw him and noticed that the fence was on their side a little. Well he requested that the fence be moved and when Satan said no, St. Peter gave him a week to move the fence. A week went by and St. Peter again looked down and saw that the fence had not been moved. So again he calls Satan:

ST. PETER: “Look Satan You’ll have to move the fence over to your side !”

SATAN: “I built the fence to keep my people in, and I ain’t gonna move it one inch.”

ST. PETER: “Then you leave me no choice, I’ll have to sue you!”

SATAN: “Where do you think you’ll get a lawyer ?”

Because all the laywers go to hell

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