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10 Best Apps to Learn English

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have a lot of ideas to say but don’t know English words to express? If you want to change this situation, all you need to do is improve your English vocabulary. Here are 10 apps that will help you learn English effectively.

Benefits Of Learning Through English Apps

1. Learning becomes interesting

Do you still remember the days when you had to practice writing and rewriting new English words in school? At such times, you will probably find this study boring. But with the English Learning Apps and the games launched, learning vocabulary will become new and exciting. During the study, there will be pictures, sounds, even videos!

2. Flexible study time

If you learn English vocabulary on software, learners only need to download it to your phone / iPad / tablet and take it with you. Study time will be entirely under your control. Each lesson only takes about 15-20 minutes. You can flexibly change the time to study according to your schedule.

3. Manage and organize word sets

There are English Speaking Apps to help you create vocabulary sets. This feature allows learners to manage and organize their vocabulary as well as contro;;their own new words/phrases. Creating and managing fascinating notebooks through the English Learning Apps can be quite easy and convenient. It helps you reduce the amount of time writing down new words in thick notebooks to record like the old days. You can search for vocabulary stored in the diaries on Apps easily. You can even switch between words, back up your data, and synchronize your learning data.

Here Are The 10 Most Popular English Learning Apps That Help You Learn English Effectively

1. Busuu (iOS || Android)

Busuu is one of the most popular English learning applications today. Besides English, this app also offers many other languages. Busuu supports users with traditional grammar and vocabulary lessons, including grammar, spelling, words, phrases, and daily conversations.

Besides learning with traditional lessons prepared by language experts, users can also connect with Busuu’s network of 80 million users to practice and chat with native speakers. The service fee is 10,99 Euro/month.

2. Drops (iOS || Android)

Drops has 2 versions, one for the native English and the American-English. Unlike other applications, Drops will offer learning-through-playing forms so that users can more easily memorize new words. For example, matching words with illustrations or matching words together to complete the sentences accurately, etc.

3. Duolingo (iOS || Android)

Duolingo is the most famous free application that supports learning English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc. today. This app uses funny methods to teach languages with simple, practical, and concise exercises together with a relatively simple, clear interface in the form of a game.

Duolingo is also on the list of the best English learning applications recommended by the United States government. According to a small US survey, the number of Duolingo users is even more significant than the number of people studying English in foreign language centers.

4. Hello English: Learn English (iOS || Android)

Hello English is a popular free English learning application today, supporting up to 22 languages. With a simple and clear interface, Hello English is a better option for new learners.

Hello English offers 100% free interactive lessons, 10,000-word dictionary and online support teachers. You will learn basic English speaking and grammar skills, which can be practiced right in everyday communication. The entire lesson is provided offline for you to be more proactive in learning. Interspersed with the English grammar theory section are attractive educational games that help you practice the 4 basic English skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


5. HelloTalk (iOS || Android)

HelloTalk is rated as the most interesting English learning application today. The point that makes Hello Talk outshines all other applications is the fact that it offers more than 100 languages and its ability to chat directly with the native speakers. With HelloTalk, you can connect with native speakers to talk, chat, and use transliteration tools easily.

10 Best Apps to Learn English

6. Google Translate (iOS || Android)

Google Translate is a great app not only for English learners but also for travelers. This application possesses three typical features: translating words, converting sentences, and translating sentences on pictures. Google Translate supports up to 103 languages online and 59 languages offline. It can be said that Google Translate is a free application that anyone should download to their computer.

10 Best Apps to Learn English

7. Learn English Phrases (iOS || Android)

Learn English Phrases is a simple, easy-to-use English learning application. Learn English Phrases has many useful English phrases and words. When you tap on a phrase, the app reads it aloud, so you don’t have to guess how the word should sound. And if you feel that the application is talking too fast, touch the turtle icon to hear those words spoken more slowly. Listen to the pronunciation of native English speakers, then record and replay your own voice to practice speaking English skills.

8. Memrise (iOS || Android)

Memrise is an app for learning languages that is very famous and very wonderful. The exciting thing Memrise creates is a combination of playing and learning, not only making it easier to memorize new words, but the users also will be able to participate in funny mini-games. Practical lessons are easy to understand, which greatly inspire users to practice English.

9. Simply Learn American English (Android)

Simply Learn American English is a very simple English learning application, especially for those who like to study phrases. The paid version of the app contains over 1,000 words and phrases across 30 categories. The free version is less, with there existing only about 300 words. The app also includes reading, solving puzzles, and learning English through pictures for easier acquisition.

10. Tandem (iOS || Android)

Tandem is an application that helps you learn languages in a community way while learning and making new friends. Just choose a language, Tandem will connect you to a community of people who share your interests and teach you their language. Tandem supports voice and video calls, along with pictures, text, and audio messages. The app supports over 150 languages, so it’s not hard to find people with similar interests. Tandem even provides a professional tutor for you if needed.

10 Best Apps to Learn English

How To Learning Through English Learning Apps?

You can combine two or more apps in order to study vocabulary more effectively. You can learn languages and practice to make your brain memorize better. Create a vocabulary notebook to manage these words. When you have just studied new vocabulary, you would better further test your memory of what you have learned through the applications, as mentioned above.


Hopefully, through considering these English Learning Apps, you will be able to choose your favorite one to assist your study. Try to improve your vocabulary so you can communicate flexibly and confidently.

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