Easy English listening Lesson 93 – My Mother

My mother does so many things.
She has a job at a dress store; she cooks our meals; she cleans the house; she feeds the pets, and she still finds time to spend with us.
My mother is always busy, but she says that her favorite time is time that she spends with us.
My mother works from Monday to Friday.
When she comes home from work, she makes something for supper.
We usually do the dishes, so that she won’t have to do them.
After supper she helps us with our homework, or she sits down to watch television.
Some nights she goes shopping, and she takes whoever wants to go with her.
Mothers are a little bit of everything.
My mother is like a teacher when she helps us with our homework.
She is like a nurse when she looks after us when we’re ill.
She is like a cook when she makes meals for us.
She says that cleaning the house is her least favorite thing.
She says that the house gets dirty again right after you clean it.
She gets my father, my brothers, sister and me to help her with the cleaning.
My mother washes all our clothes, and sometimes she irons them if they need it.
My mother says that there are not enough hours in a day.
We try to help my mother as much as we can.
There is a lot of work involved in keeping a home neat and organized.
Most of my friends’ mothers work.
Mothers are the people who you go to when you need to be comforted.
Mothers are the people who can make you feel better.
I’m glad that I have the mother that I have.
My mother is caring and funny.
She is fun to be around.

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