Ways to Say Hello in English

There are many ways to say Hello in English. In this article, we will share with you 50 common ways to say Hell in English. Let’s get started!

Formal Ways to Say Hello in English

The greeting used in the above heading is formal, old-fashioned, and is not commonly used in modern times. Certain greetings can be used in more formal settings or situations where the proper manner of greeting and respect are what they are known for. This includes business meetings or formal presentation at work, as well as getting together with parents of a friend. It is common to see these greetings in business settings such as places like restaurants and shops. There are many different options However, here are the six most commonly used formal methods of greeting “hello”:

  1. Hello
  2. Good Morning
  3. Good Afternoon
  4. Good Evening
  5. Good to See You
  6. Great to See You
  7. Good Day to You
  8. How Have You Been?
  9. How Are You Today?
  10. It’s Nice to Meet You
  11. It’s a Pleasure to Meet You
  12. Greetings/Greetings and Salutations
Ways to Say Hello in English

Ways to Say Hello in English

Informal Ways to Say Hello in English

These greetings are appropriate in casual situations, whether you want to greet your colleague or anyone you meet in the street.

  1. Hi
  2. Hi There
  3. Howdy
  4. Morning
  5. G’day
  6. Howdy
  7. What’s New?
  8. Hey, What’s Up?
  9. What’s Going On?
  10. What’s Happening?
  11. How’s Everything?
  12. How’s It Going?
  13. How Are Things?
  14. Long Time No See
  15. Look Who It Is!
  16. Nice To See You
  17. It’s Good To See You
  18. How Are You Doing Today?
  19. How Are You Feeling Today?

Casual Informal Ways to Say Hello in English

These ways of saying “hello” are used in informal, casual, and comfortable contexts. They can be utilized in spoken English as voicemail messages, text messages, or emails to those familiar with them. Although they’re not unprofessional to use when dealing with strangers, they’re not precisely courteous either. When you use these greetings to people, you don’t have a good relationship with can confuse you, and they’re not suitable in certain circumstances. Please don’t make use of these informal greetings informal settings since it can cause the person you’re speaking to appear to believe you’re not taking this formal event in the same way you should be. For instance, it would be inappropriate to say “What’s happening?” to the person you’re attending a funeral. I strongly suggest not using “Yo!” when meeting an employer you’re interested in during an interview.

  1. Hey
  2. Sup?
  3. Yo!
  4. Hey y’all!
  5. Hey There
  6. Hey man!
  7. Hey bro!
  8. Hey girl!
  9. Hey dude!
  10. Hey buddy!
  11. Oh, Look Out!
  12. Oh No, Look Who It Is!
  13. Look What The Cat Dragged In!


There you go. These phrases are great to greet your colleagues, friends, family members, business colleagues, teachers, classmates, and even your family.
It’s not just enough to say “Hello!” to communicate. You can choose from a vast range of phrases based on the context and situation.

Learn them today and apply them in your daily everyday.


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