Intermediate Listening Lesson 05 – Home Alone

I remember the first time that my parents left me home alone.
I was very grown up, and I thought that I would be just fine.
I was fine for a while.
I watched television and had something to eat.
I called my friend on the phone, and we talked for a while.
Then, I sat down to read a book.
The house was quiet, very quiet.
I found myself listening very carefully.
I heard a tap, tap tapping noise.
I wondered where it was coming from.
It seemed to be coming from the window.
I turned out the lights so that nobody would see me,
and I peeked out the window carefully.
I was expecting to see a robber tapping at my window.
There was nobody there.
It was just a tree branch swaying in the breeze and tapping at my window.
I felt silly.
I turned on the lights and sat back down to read my book.
A few minutes later, I heard some creaking noises.
I listened carefully.
Then, I heard a clunking noise.
I think it might have been the furnace.
Then there was a whirring noise.
My imagination began to play tricks on me.
I was imagining that there were all kinds of creatures in the house.
I told myself to grow up.
I wouldn’t let my imagination run away with me.
I was glad when my parents got home.
I told them about all the noises that I had heard.
My parents laughed and said that all houses make noises.
We’re usually just so busy that we don’t hear all the noises that go on.
I have stayed home alone many times now.
I just ignore all the little creaks and noises that I hear.
I’m still alert and listen for anything suspicious,
but I know that there are lots of noises that are harmless.
That tree that taps on my window still frightens me sometimes,
but I’m a lot braver now than I was the first time that I stayed home alone.

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