Be Still My Heart – Be Still My Heart Meaning

An idiom is a figurative language or figurative speech used to translate a thought or expression. Most of these idioms date back to hundreds of years and they are still used today in daily conversation. A very popular idiomatic phrase used today is the idiom “Be still my heart”. In this article, you will find the idiom meaning, usage, and origin. There are several examples of how to use the idiom in everyday conversation. Lastly, you can see other words you could use to say the idiom phrase and convey the same meaning.

Meaning of “Be still my heart”

This idiom is figurative language used to express that someone is overwhelmed or excited by something that is said or done, typically with regard to a romantic gesture. It refers to an action that makes the heart beat very fast. These days, youngsters usually use “Be still my heart” to ironically express the feeling of the bore or no interest.

Be Still My Heart - Be Still My Heart Meaning

The origin

In some documents, this phrase originated in 1697 by John Dryden. During this time, this term was popular among poets and novelists and commonly appeared in romantic stories and poetry. The phrase then was replaced by the author William Mountfort and was ” be still my beating heart” in 1705. It was also used in a sarcastic and funny expression by playwrights Gilbert and Sullivan up to the year 1878. Gradually over the years, the phrase has been abridged to “be still my heart.”


Example 1: On a date, a man took out a small jewelry box from his pocket and got down on one knee. His girlfriend: “Oh, be still my heart! You’re so sweet!

Example 2: A conversation between two friends

               Philip: I want to confess my love to Lily, but I don’t know how to say.

              Linda: Well, take it easy! Do you have any plans?

              Philip: Could I invite her to eat out and under the candlelight, I declare my love?

              Linda: Be still my heart! It’s so romantic. She will like it.

Be Still My Heart - Be Still My Heart Meaning

“Be still my heart” Synonym

There are numerous ways to say “Be still my heart”. Here is a list of alternative ways:

Oh my gosh!

Oh my goodness!

Oh, dear!

I’m so excited

My heart just skipped a beat.

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