Easy English listening Lesson 56 – Money

I keep my money in the bank. 
I have saved up my money. 
I saved all my pennies in a jar. 
A penny is only worth one cent. 
I have nickels. 
A nickel is worth five cents. 
A dime is worth ten cents. 
A quarter is worth twenty-five cents. 
A quarter is a quarter of a dollar. 
Four quarters make up a dollar. 
A dollar is worth one hundred cents. 
I saved up all of my dollars. 
Our dollars used to be paper, but now they are coins. 
We call our dollars loonies. 
It is a funny name. 
We also have two dollar coins. 
We call those toonies. 
We have five dollar bills and ten dollar bills. 
If you are lucky you will have twenty dollar bills, fifty dollar bills and even hundred dollar bills. 
Our bills in Canada are different colours. That makes them easy to recognize if you go somewhere to spend them. 
It is wise to save your money. 
If you save enough, you could have hundreds or thousands of dollars.

 ➡ Lesson 57 – Manners

English Listening for Beginners

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