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How To Make English Less Stressful!

English has played such a crucial role in our daily life that having a good command of English possibly stands people in good stead, especially in employment, and communication. Because of this reason, people have been making every effort to master English,  regardless of age, race, or geographical features.

However, learning English as a second language seems to be no mean feat because there are too many aspects to learn.

Have you ever found yourself out of English- related topics? Don’t worry. We are here to make some useful recommendations for you so that studying English is no longer a nightmare!

1. Set achievable goals and stick to them

In order to avoid withdrawing, you need to determine what you want to achieve first. Your specific targets enable you to decide what you need to do and understand the purpose of learning.

Yet, remember not to set unrealistic goals or something too high to reach. Impractical dreams may put you under pressure and even make you feel helpless. When you realize that you can not succeed, you are prone to depression and boredom  which makes you more likely to give up.

How To Make English Less Stressful!

So let’s attempt to set such goals as learning ten new words a day, finishing grammar exercises in one week, etc., and be determined to accomplish them. This measure has been proved to be effective and motivating.

2. Let surrounding people know about your plan to learn English

If people around you acknowledge your determination to master English, they will give you a helping hand!

Your relatives and family members will certainly shower you with encouragement, backing, and cheer you up if you have any intention of quitting. 

Finding some learning partners is awesome, as you will have someone else cope with any difficulty along the way, and thus feeling more motivated and energetic! 

How To Make English Less Stressful!

If you are lucky enough, you can also stand a golden chance of having experienced English learners help you with complicated tasks and give useful advice.

3. Try to study in different locations 

It is suggested that an airy room with good light and no interference in your house help you concentrate more on the lessons, but sitting all day long in the same room may beẽhaustingg. You may get bored and discouraged from learning when faced with complex structures and too many new words. 

Let’s find somewhere else to study like a desk near your window with peaceful scenery and fresh air. Or else, go out and find such ideal alternatives as the library or the cafe.

How To Make English Less Stressful!

This change in studying environment re-energizes and makes you more enthusiastic. Moreover, it helps improve your memory as well. In each place, your brain will have to form more connections between what you are learning and where you are. As a result, you are able to store more information in your memory. This measure is known as the visual learning technique.

4. Add wordless music while studying

According to several scientific reports, many genres of music have been proved to be capable of activating your brain. Sometimes, music like Mozart symphony and pieces of other renowned composers and musicians add concentration and endurance, too.

In addition, you can make use of music as a means to soothe your brain and loosen up whenever you have difficulty dealing with exercises.

How To Make English Less Stressful!

 However, remember to avoid listening to music with lyrics, because it may cause more distraction than help you focus while learning, and the consequence is that you take in less information and remember less.

5. Learn through mass media

In this era of modern technology, why not take advantage of it to improve your English?

Firstly, Youtube is too good and useful to be missed! There are a wide range of free online classes, English videos and English channels where invaluable tips for learning are shared. This activity helps you unwind after a hard- working day, while you still can enhance your listening skills and widen your vocabulary.

How To Make English Less Stressful!

– Social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, etc. have increasingly gained their popularity as other learning and teaching methods. All you have to do is to follow pages or forums that give useful advice on learning English. Then, you can find your like-minded community where you have a chance to interact, add friends and swap information as well as learning tips with others.

 6. Play English-related games 

Mobile gaming is regarded as one of the informal types of learning, and you will find it straightforward to get access to various kinds of educational games. 

Such games as crosswords, word matching and word bingo are just a few to name. The best part is that they cost just a little, whereas they widen your vocabulary and become a word revision technique. 

How To Make English Less Stressful!

You can learn new words in the most relaxing way and remember complex phrases without your awareness thanks to these games’ attractive and lively displays, catchy soundtrack, and educational content.

7. Speak and sing in English to yourself

It is normal if you feel pressured and lack confidence when speaking English in front of the public. Sadly, speaking is one of the essential skills that you need to acquire when learning languages. 

To overcome this problem, firstly, get used to speaking out loud to yourself when you stand in front of the mirror or take a shower. How about singing any favorite English song? It is also an opportunity for you to realize your talents and passion for music!

How To Make English Less Stressful!

This technique boosts your confidence and lifts your spirits. Meanwhile, you can improve your speaking skills, your intonation, and check pronunciation, too! So what are you waiting for?

These are our seven pieces of advice on acquiring English in the most comfortable way! 

You see, mastering English is no longer an uphill struggle if you know or have a suitable learning strategy. And our recommendations will help you a lot, so let’s look through them! 

Stay positive and determined! Good luck on your learning route, and share with us how you have improved! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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