Learn English Conversation Lesson 1 – At Home

Part 1

Scott: Where is Jane?
Patricia: She is in the living room.
Scott: What is she doing?
Patricia: She is playing the piano.
Scott: Where is the car?
Patricia: It is in the garage.
Scott: Where is the dog?
Patricia: The dog is in front of the door.
Scott: What is the dog doing?
Patricia: The dog is eating.

Part 2:

Husband: Where are you?
Wife: I am in the kitchen.
Husband: What are you doing?
Wife: I am cooking dinner.
Husband: Where are Bill and Mary?
Wife: They are in the living room.
Husband: What are they doing?
Wife: They are watching TV.
Husband: Where is the cat?
Wife: She is in the dining room.
Husband: What is she doing?
Wife: She is sleeping.

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