Words That Start With E | 100 Words Start with Letter E

Words That Start With E

It can be said that learning a new language is like building a house. The more vocabulary you have, the more fluent you become. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with E.

According to statistics of linguists, English has a large vocabulary with an estimated 250,000 distinct words. However, mastering the 3000 most common words in English will give you 90 to 95% comprehension of English newspapers, books, movies, and conversations. In addition, with that size of a vocabulary, you’ll easily be able to learn from context to expand your vocabulary as you go. The important thing is choosing the right words to learn so you gain comprehension quickly and don’t waste time.  The list of 100 words that start with E is a great list of vocabulary to start.

For the above-mentioned reason, Learn English the Fun Way has made lists of common English words from A to Z. Today’s post will be words that start with E. Get a notebook and pen, and let’s start our lesson!

Words That Start With E

Words That Start With E

List of 100 words that start with E

1 Each
The brothers resemble each other in taste.
2 Eager
She waited in eager anticipation for Robert to arrive.
3 Earlier
She had woken even earlier than usual.
4 Early
Please could I leave early today?
5 Earn
It has taken years to earn their trust.
6 Earnings
He claimed compensation for loss of earnings.
7 Earthquake
Thousands of buildings collapsed in the earthquake.
8 Ease
The medication should ease the suffering.
9 Easier
A good name is easier lost than won.
10 Easily
She has a pale skin which doesn’t tan easily.
11 Easing
The snow was easing up.
12 East
The prevailing current flows from east to west.
13 Eastern
Thousands were killed on the eastern front.
14 Easy
The system is relatively easy to use.
15 Economic
The government intends to apply economic sanctions.
16 Economist
He’s an economist who thinks he knows all the answers.
17 Economy
These policies have wreaked havoc on the British economy.
18 Ecosystem
The rainforest is a self-supporting ecosystem.
19 Edge
The plates have a gilt edge.
20 Edit
He undertook to edit the text himself.
21 Edition
The magazine has just published its six thousandth edition.
22 Editor
Cookery Editor Moyra Fraser takes you behind the scenes.
23 Education
He challenged the orthodox views on education.
24 Educational
The station has jettisoned educational broadcasts.
25 Effect
The snow had a predictable effect on traffic.
26 Effective
We find advertising on the radio very effective.
27 Effectively
Tanks were deployed effectively during the long campaign.
28 Efficiency
Fairness, rather than efficiency, is the guiding principle.
29 Efficient
Dolphins are incredibly graceful and efficient swimmers.
30 Effort
The invention is a collective effort.
31 Eight
Eight massive stone pillars supported the roof.
32 Either
Either dye or paints are used to colour cloth.
33 Election
Corruption was rife before the election.
34 Electric
Before the parade, the atmosphere was electric.
35 Electrical
Electrical power is supplied by underground cables.
36 Electricity
Electricity companies pay a premium for renewable energy.
37 Electronic
This radar is operated by an electronic pulse.
38 Electronics
Racal Electronics shares have been in a strong uptrend.
39 Element
He was the discoverer of the element radium.
40 Eligible
All those eligible will receive a cash handout.
41 Eliminate
Can we ever eliminate poverty from the world?
42 Else
Is there anything else that you’d like?
43 Elsewhere
She is becoming famous in Australia and elsewhere.
44 Email
You can contact us by email or fax.
45 Emails
I typically get around 30 emails a day.
46 Embrace
She saw them embrace on the station platform.
47 Emergency
Don’t call me unless its a real emergency.
48 Emotional
Separation is a time of high emotional stress.
49 Employee
Each employee received a like bonus.
50 Employment
These are the terms and conditions of your employment.
51 Empty
The house stands desolate and empty.
52 Enable
A bird’s wings enable it to fly.
53 Encourage
They’d got a special grant to encourage research.
54 Encryption
Encryption is vitally important to on-line commerce.
55 Ended
All their plans ended in failure.
56 Ending
The writer arranges a happy ending.
57 Enemy
We attacked the enemy from the rear.
58 Energy
His energy and talent elevate him to godlike status.
59 Enforcement
This is an act against law enforcement.
60 Engage
Everyone is free to engage in peaceful political activity.
61 Engagement
Their engagement was announced in the paper.
62 Engine
I got the engine overhauled.
63 Engineer
You need the advice of a qualified engineer.
64 Engineering
We subcontracted the work to a small engineering firm.
65 Enhance
Good lighting will enhance any room.
66 Enjoy
She does not enjoy the details of housekeeping.
67 Enormous
The potential savings are enormous.
68 Enough
I was unlucky enough to lose my glasses.
69 Ensure
The price is low to ensure a quick sale.
70 Enter
The police observed a man enter the bank.
71 Enterprise
This is a private enterprise.
72 Entire
These four posts sustain the entire building.
73 Entirely
My line of work is entirely unrelated to politics.
74 Entry
His entry to the party coincided with his marriage.
75 Environment
The environment is a popular topic these day
76 Equal
The article trivializes the whole issue of equal rights.
77 Equally
Diet and exercise are equally important.
78 Equipment
The equipment is still at the experimental stage.
79 Equity
To capture his equity, Murphy must either sell or refinance.
80 Equivalent
The two words are equivalent in meaning.
81 Error
I committed an error in this.
82 Escape
He told the extraordinary story of his escape.
83 Especially
You seem especially happy today.
84 Essential
Careful preparation for the exam is essential.
85 Essentially
He had an essentially subordinate role.
86 Establish
He is financially able to establish a home.
87 Estate
The estate passed undivided to his only son.
88 Estimate
My estimate of his abilities was wrong.
89 Ethnic
Different ethnic groups have different systems of kinship.
90 Euro
The advent of the Euro will redefine Europe.
91 Euros
The price is given in dollars or euros.
92 Even
Never give a sucker an even break.
93 Evening
The rain will continue into the evening.
94 Event
A thousand balloons were released to mark the event.
95 Eventually
Eventually the search was called off.
96 Ever
Why does nothing ever stay tidy around here?
97 Every
New scientific discoveries are being made every day.
98 Everybody
Who serves everybody gets thanks from nobody.
99 Everyday
Her paintings are of ordinary everyday objects.
100 Everyone
Everyone liked my father-he was the perfect gentleman.

Above is the list of common words that start with E. How do you feel about it? Is it great? Is it exciting? Is it useful?

Actually, one of the best ways to prioritize your English vocabulary studies is to start with the most common words that start with E. Therefore, if you’re a true beginner, the list above and other lists on our website are for you. Use a dictionary or other online resources to look up the meanings of words you don’t know. Flashcards, either paper-based or online, are still one of the most effective ways to learn new words. The key to memorizing English vocabulary is a regular practice.

Hope that your English skills will improve after a period of practicing with the words we have offered. Let us know your positive results by commenting in the box below this post. Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing!

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