Learn English with Songs

Learn English with Songs and Lyrics

English songs and lyrics are very useful for learning English words and expressions. They can also help you better understand spoken English.

Listening and singing English songs really works. The rhythm of the music and the repetition help us to memorize, the songs will stay “stuck” in your head ( stuck inside your head ). You will also be able to get in touch with everyday English and get used to different accents.

Learn English with Songs and Lyrics

How to learn English with Songs and Lyrics: first listen to the song without looking at the lyrics, then listen to it with the lyrics of the song in front of you, and finally try to understand the song without having to look at the lyrics, then you will only have to sing it even in the shower … if you take as a habit to listen to music in English, you will notice how little by little your hearing is tuning up and you understand the lyrics of the songs better and better, in addition, the lyrics will allow you to approach the vocabulary.

Here is the list of 38 best songs to learn English:

Seasons In The Sun If Life is So Short
Take Me To Your Heart Baby One More Time
Right Here Waiting For You Unbreak My Heart
Rhythm Of The Rain Lemon Tree
Papa Love To Be Loved By You
My Love Boulevard
25 Minutes Soledad
Forever and One Everything I Do
Yesterday If We Hold On Together
Happy New Year Hero
Cry On My Shoulder Yesterday Once More
Nothing’s Gonna Change
My Love For You
Heal The World
You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul My Heart Will Go On
Everyday I Love You How Deep is Your Love
Dancing Queen That’s Why You Go Away
Because I Love You The Day You Went Away
The Way That I Love You Hotel California
As Long As You Love Me Top of the World


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It’s very nice songs. I love them.
Thanks for sharing!