Learn English with Songs

Learn English with Songs – Papa

Listen and fill in the blanks with suggest words

And Mama Together all
are did eyes grow
had in kiss me
my one out prayers
think we

Everyday my papa would work

To try to make ends meet

To see that would eat

Keep those shoes upon my feet

Every night my papa would take

And tuck me in my bed

Kiss me on my head

After all the were said

And there were years

Of sadness and of tears

Through it all

we were strong

We were strong

Times were rough

But Papa he was tough

stood beside him all along

Growing up with them was easy

The time flew on by

The years began to fly

They aged and so did I

I could tell

That mama she wasn't well

Papa knew and deep down so she

So did she

When she died

Papa broke down and he cried

And he could say was, "God, why her? Take me!"

Everyday he sat there sleeping a walking chair

He never went upstais

All Because she wasn't there

Then day my Papa said,

"Son, I'm proud of how youve grown"

He said, "Go and make it on your own.

Don't worry. I'm OK.. alone."

He said, "There things that you must do"

He said, "'"There's places you must see"

And his were sad as he

As he said goodbye to me

Every time I my children

Papa's words ring true

He said, "Children live through you.

Let them ! Theyll leave you, too"

I remember every word Papa used to say

I kiss kids and pray

That theyll think of me

Oh how I pray

They will of me

That way





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