365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 10

342 Would you do me a favor?
343 You are just saying that.
344 You are kidding.
345 You are so considerate.
346 You can count on me.
347 You can say that again.
348 You can’t complain.
349 You deserve it.
350 You did a good job.
351 You get what you pay for.
352 You got a good deal.
353 You need a vacation.
354 You never know.
355 You said it.
356 You should give it a try.
357 You should take advantage of it.
358 You will be better off.
359 You will have to wait and see.
360 You’ll get used to it.
361 You’ve dialed the wrong number.
362 You’ve got a point there.
363 You’ve got it.
364 You’ve made a good choice.
365 Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 1

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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