Woot Woot – What Does Woot Woot Mean?

What is the Meaning of “Woot Woot”? How to Use it? With Real Examples

The phrase “woot woot” is an expression you may hear in an online conversation or communication, but rarely come across in formal writing. Here you will find the meaning of the phrase “woot woot” and information about its origins. You will also see some examples of how to use the phrase correctly in conversations/statements, and you will also find other ways to say this phrase that convey the same meaning.


The Meaning of “Woot Woot”

The Definition of the Term

The meaning of the phrase “woot woot” is a phrase often inserted at the end of a comment to express one’s enthusiasm or happiness about the topic under discussion.

The phrase is most common on forums, Usenet posts, multiplayer computer games (especially first-person shooters), IRC discussions, and instant messaging, although the its use on World Wide Web sites is not uncommon.

The Origin of the Term

As is the case with most words, the most common question about woot is “Where did it come from?” Unfortunately, its origin is controversial, and like most words, it’s impossible to say for sure what its true origin is.

After several examples of “whoot” or “woot” as an onomatopoeia denoting the sounds of video games in articles from 1982, the first apparent use of the word found to date is the name of the entertainment newspaper Atlantic City, NJ. The Whoot! which appeared in 1988 as a sponsor of the Ugliest Bartender Contest in Philadelphia. In 2003, The Whoot! renamed Atlantic City Weekly. Current AC Weekly Editor-in-Chief Michael Epifanio says The Whoot is named after founder Lew Steiner’s “nocturnal nightspots who often go to sleep in search of bars, clubs and restaurants, then send the publication to print.”

Other unlikely origins for the term have been suggested. During the discussion on the website of consumer electronics retailer Woot.com, a 200 article in Ad Age magazine suggested that the word was derived from the phrase “Wow!” loot “in the board game Dungeons and Dragons. The game, created in 1973 and released to the public in 197 , is unlikely to be a point of origin. The Ad Age article (aside from other sources that mention it) is the the only source found to date that links the word to the term in the more than 30 years of the game’s existence. Given the popularity of DandD in the 1980s, it must have been associated with the term woot long before 2004.

A related claim is that it comes from online multiplayer games like Everquest and Ultima Online, where it would be associated with the phrase “miracle loot” or even “wow, loot!” As in DandD, when the player character comes across gold or wealth in the game. It is also attributed to the online game Quake, where it would be linked to the sound that the player’s avatar makes when it jumped up. While it’s entirely possible that these games, which have tens of thousands of registered users, helped popularize the term, the first written evidence of woot occurred before these games even existed. Quake, the oldest of the three, was first released in 1996.

The most likely explanation is, as usual, much simpler. In the UK, fans and participants in extreme sports use the word woot as an abbreviated form of “what a hoot” and did so for decades before the phrase became popular. in U.S.A. It wasn’t until 1996, when the phrase was used in a popular rap song, that the term “woot woot” became widely used. As popularity grows, “woot woot” has become a popular response to expressing enthusiasm in many forms of online communication.

Variations of the Term

“Woot” is the most familiar form, “w00t”, which comes to us as part of “l337 speak”. “L337” (or “l33t” or “leet”) allows users to access special files, folders and chat rooms. L337 speech is characterized by many different things, including the use of suffixes like “xor” – but is generally more recognizable by the way it substitutes numbers and symbols for letters. “W00t”, used as we know and love it, is an expression of victory or joy with the letter O changed to zero. While l337 says it dates back to the 1980s, there is no certain word when “w00t” was first used in the vernacular.


Real-Life Examples on How to Use “Woot Woot”

Example 1

A statement answered to a reporter interviewing Black Friday shoppers.

  • “It’s worth going shopping right now. You can’t beat these offers. I just got a top laptop for $ 200! Woot, woot! “

Example 2

A text conversation between two friends

Friend 1: You won’t believe this!

Friend 2: What? Tell me!

Friend 1: So last week I applied to this bog company. I did not expect anything, but they just called and invited me for an interview, woot woot!

Friend 2: That’s great news. Congrats!

Friend 1: Thanks. Now what should I prepare for that?

Example 3

A spoken conversation between two girls

Girl 1: Do you remember that cute barista we’ve met at the bar?

Girl 2: Yes, why?

Girl 1: Well, he finally asked me out, woot woot!

Girl 2: OMG, that’s nice. Let’s go shopping for that now!

Alternative Phrases for “Woot Woot”

  • yay
  • I can’t wait!
  • whoopee
  • hip-hip
  • hurray
  • huzza
  • rah-rah
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