Easy English listening Lesson 25 – School

There are different types of schools.
There is an elementary school.
The children at the elementary school are young.
There is a playground for them to play in.
The classrooms are bright and airy.
There are blackboards in the classrooms.
The children sit in desks to do their work.
There is a parking lot for the teachers to park in.
There is a cafeteria for the students to get food.
The principal has an office.
Nobody wants to go to the principal’s office.
It usually means that you are in trouble if you have to go to the principal’s office.
When you finish elementary school, you go to high school.
Most of the students in high school are teenagers.
There is a parking lot outside the high school.
There is also a football field outside.
The students go to classes in different classrooms.
They move from classroom to classroom for each subject.
There is a cafeteria where they can get their lunches or eat the lunches that they have brought from home.
There is a gymnasium where students have physical education.
Dances are also held in the gymnasium.
Some students go on to university from high school.
Students at the university are older.
Some of the students are even senior citizens.
People come from all over the world to attend the university.
There are lots of different things at the university.
There is a theater where plays and concerts are held.
There is a bookstore where students can buy their textbooks.
There is a physical education building that has a swimming pool in it.
The parking lot at the university is very big.
They call the land that the university is on a campus.
Some of the students live on campus in residences.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What are the different types of schools mentioned in the paragraph?
  2. What facilities are available at an elementary school?
  3. What is in the classrooms of an elementary school?
  4. What is the principal’s office associated with?
  5. What happens after finishing elementary school?
  6. What features are described outside a high school?
  7. How do students move between classes in high school?
  8. What facilities are available in a high school?
  9. What options do some students have after high school?
  10. What facilities and activities are mentioned at a university?

Please comment your answers! 

Lesson 26 – Subjects

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