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Finding Motivation in English is Easy!

In the process of fast global integration, English is gaining momentum in every aspect of life, including intercultural communication and job employment. Considering benefits brought about by learning English, people of all ages have a desire to master it.

However, English knowledge is not restricted to some basic structures and sentences that most people can comprehend such as: Hello, How are you? Therefore, not everyone has enough patience and confidence to follow their English learning routes. Their initial enthusiasm is quickly diminished when they cope with complex structures, long phrases, and variants of phrasal verbs. Consequently, they become bored, demotivated and then end up quitting. On the other hand, others who are more determined to continue, also cope with many difficulties, partly because they don’t adopt suitable strategies.

But don’t worry. We are here to recommend you three ways to motivate you learners to acquire English!

1. Maintain a positive attitude

  • Set practical goals and look forward to the results.

Having clear targets, and visualizing the rosy outlook when you achieve them will act as a source of encouragement and motivation so that you no longer take English as seriously as you used to. 

  • Never compare your skills with others.

          No matter how excellent you are, avoid comparing yourself with surrounding people, or else you risk hurting yourself. Instead of supporting your study, differences between English levels are unfortunately one of the key factors that let you down. You will suffer from stress and low self- esteem when you realize that you are no match for your friends, for example.

           Moreover, no two people progress at the same rate or have equal learning ability. Learning at your own pace and follow your strategy does you more good, and you can see a marked improvement in your study.

  • Don’t take mistakes seriously

          Keep this in mind: Everyone makes mistakes! Just reminding yourself of your mistakes is inadvisable, as it only disheartens and prevents you from advancing.

          Let’s allow for some faults. Then you can acknowledge your weaknesses in your learning strategy so that you have suitable modifications.

Finding Motivation in English is Easy!

2. Set up suitable plans and choose proper learning techniques

  • Determine what you need to do first.

This practice makes you more self- oriented in your studies, and you are more likely to succeed.

  • Start with your strengths and favourite topics

           If you are good at speaking and making presentations, let’s consult other experienced English learners or sources from the Internet about learning techniques, and try your best to be a fluent and confident English speaker. And of course, you don’t need to force yourself to talk about serious issues like politics or economics, try simple and favourite subjects like the weather, sports and films.

          On the other hand, if your favorite is vocabulary, you should begin with it and attempt to enhance yours.

  • Don’t forget to switch to different English skills

          To master English, you need to develop all four essential skills, namely listening, reading, writing and speaking; therefore, devoting equal time to all of them is indispensable.

           Moreover, you are likely to get bored and demotivated if you focus on only one skill in an extended period.

  • Learn through social media and mobile apps

          In the era of modern technology, there appear numerous ways of learning besides attending formal education at schools or universities. You can opt for staying at home with your smartphones and computers connected to the Internet and have exciting and inspiring online learning experiences.

          Notably known as means of distant communication and connectivity, such social media as Facebook, Instagram and Busuu have gained their momentum as effective online learning and teaching techniques. You can freely find your community, swap information and share learning experiences with others while still loosening up.

          If you come across any difficulty in your learning route, share it on any learning forum, and other learners will help you for sure.

          Mobile learning apps are prevalent and useful, too. Used wisely, they can help you improve four core skills.

  • Be receptive to any new strategies and learning tactics

          In case your initial plans are not as effective and practical as you have expected, don’t be let down or give up quickly. Instead, set new ones based on your previous shortcomings and see how they work.

          Being responsive to necessary modifications in learning means that you don’t have to depend on others to monitor your study. You are your own “boss” who supervises your progress, and that makes you more confident in reaching your goals.

Finding Motivation in English is Easy!

3. Prepare awards for yourself

  • Keep a record of your progress

          Set small daily goals that you are pretty sure to achieve and tick when you finish. This practice brings about a sense of achievement and motivates you to press ahead. 

          Furthermore, small steps may sound unremarkable, but a series of action will show marked improvements in your study and bring huge success. Remember: many a mickle make a muckle.

  • Award yourself with some break time

          Sticking to your study is a good thing. However, allow some short rests for your brain.

          Studying for hours on end is sometimes exhausting. Therefore, break time will help get rid of boredom, distraction, and raise your spirits.

          After each one- hour study, relax for five to ten minutes but remind yourself of coming back to learning.

  • Try something new

          After all day long sitting and focusing on exercises, make arrangements and go out. You will find out various memorable experiences when joining outdoor English- related activities such as meeting foreigners and trying to interact with them, and attending English forums or conferences.

Finding Motivation in English is Easy!

These are some suggested measures that give you impetus in learning English and lift your spirits when you get bored or have any intention of withdrawing.

Acquiring English has never been an easy task. However, if you have a strong mind and enough determination to learn, you will undoubtedly reach your targets in the end

Try your best! We will always be here to give you a helping hand with your studies.

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