Vore Meaning – What Does Vore Mean?

“Vore” is a rare slang term that you may not have heard about this. However, if you see it on the Internet by chance and don’t know what this slang means, read the article for more details. Here you will find information about this slang’s meaning and origin. Moreover, you will see some useful examples that help you have a better understanding and use it properly. Finally, there are some alternative phrases that you can use in conversation that convey the same meaning with “vore”.

What does “vore” mean?

Vore Meaning - What Does Vore Mean?

Vore is when a person feels sexual arousal from being eaten or watching something or someone, real or fictional, being eaten. “Vore” is considered a paraphilia (the experience of strong sexual arousal from atypical objects, situations, or individuals.) However, the fetish mostly remains a fantasy for enthusiasts due to the fact that many scenarios are not in real life. At times vore is sexual in nature and includes bloody tearing of flesh. Most people see it as a fetish and have been fantasizing about it since they were very young.

Where did “vore” come from?

The original short form of this term was a nickname for vorarephilia, derived from Latin vorare, meaning to devour or to swallow, and from Ancient Greek philia, meaning love or friend.

Despite the fact that savagery has been around for quite a while and shows up in antiquated legends and is recorded in human culture, “vore” was a fetish that arose around the 1990s in web culture. Vore is a subject that shows up in craftsmanship, writing, recordings, and different types of diversion. Notwithstanding, on certain occasions, people used it to portray genuine instances of “vorarephilia”, eminently a case in Germany in the mid-2000s.

Vore other meaning

In some cases, we can use the word “vore” as a classification. There are several words that end with the suffix “vore”. For example, “herbivore” means that someone or something that consumes vegetables, fruits, and grass, “carnivore” means someone or something that takes in only meat, and “omnivore” means someone or something that eats both meat and vegetables, fruits, grass.

Vore example

Vore Meaning - What Does Vore Mean?

A: What are you doing?

B: I am drawing pictures of people being swallowed whole by wolves for other voraphiles on a vore site.

A: Wow. It’s an interesting idea.

Vore synonyms

Here are some phrases that you can utilize for replacing “vore” without changing the meaning that you want to convey.

  • I want to swallow you whole
  • vorarephilia
  • I want you to eat me alive



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