Easy English listening Lesson 96 – Opposites

Some things are opposites of each other.
The opposite of black is white.
The opposite of happy is sad.
If I am at the opposite side of the room from you, it means that I am at the other side of the room than you are on.
The opposite of up is down and the opposite of left is right.
Do you know what the opposite of young would be?
Old is the opposite of young.
What is the opposite of dirty?
Clean is the opposite of dirty.
Big is the opposite of small.
Man is the opposite of woman.
Boy is the opposite of girl.
Sometimes people think the opposite things than other people.
Someone might be wrong and someone might be right.
The opposite of mother is father.
See if you can think of some opposites.
It is cold in the winter, and it is hot in the summer.
My father is very tall, and my brother is very short.
A rock is hard, but a pillow is soft.
An ocean is deep, but a puddle is shallow.
I might tell the truth, but I might tell a lie.
All of these things are opposites.
The morning is bright, but the night is dark.
A feather is light, but an elephant is heavy.
Sugar is sweet, but a lemon is sour.
A jet plane is fast, but a turtle is slow.
I can go out in the day, or I can go out at night.
I might love to swim, or I might hate to swim.
It is interesting to see how many opposites you can think up.
I could say hello, but I think it’s time to say goodbye.

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