Easy English listening Lesson 7 – Jennifer the Firefighter

Jennifer Smith is a firefighter.
She is one of the first female firefighters.
Jennifer works hard every day.
Jennifer exercises every day.
She lifts weights.
She wants her muscles to be very strong.
She saves peoples lives every day.
She is very strong.
Jennifer is married.
Her husband is a school teacher.
Jennifers husband is proud of her.
Jennifer is a mother.
She has two daughters.
Jennifers daughters are proud of her too.
Jennifer is happy being a firefighter.
Jennifer is happy being a wife.
Jennifer is happy being a mother.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is Jennifer Smith’s profession?
  2. What is notable about Jennifer’s role as a firefighter?
  3. How does Jennifer maintain her strength?
  4. What does Jennifer’s husband do for a living?
  5. What is Jennifer’s attitude towards her work as a firefighter?
  6. How many daughters does Jennifer have?
  7. What is Jennifer’s family proud of her for?
  8. What is Jennifer’s attitude towards her roles as a wife and mother?
  9. What does Jennifer do to stay physically fit?
  10. What aspects of Jennifer’s life make her happy?

Please comment your answers!

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