Snow Bunny – Snow Bunny Meaning

“Snow Bunny” meaning: What does this idiomatic expression refer to?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first encounter with the idiomatic expression “Snow bunny.” This phrase appears to be unfamiliar to many individuals. As a result, just a few people understand what this idiom means. Then you’ll find the solution in this article. This page contains crucial information about this term, such as its definition, origin, various interpretations, and synonyms. This page also explains when to use and when not to use this word. It will also give you specific examples to assist you in grasping how to utilize the term “Snow bunny” in conversation.

snow bunny meaning

Snow bunny meaning

What is the definition and purpose of this idiom?

Snow bunny,” or often spelled Snowbunny, has four alternative meanings, and the one used must be determined by the context in which it is used.

The first meaning of “snow bunny” is a slang term for a beautiful young woman who enjoys snowboarding or skiing. The second meaning of the term “snow bunny” is a slang term for a child learning to ski or snowboard. The third definition of “snow bunny” is a slang term for a Caucasian woman dating an African-American man. Finally, the slang term “snow bunny” is used to denote someone addicted to the illegal drug cocaine, particularly a female addict.

If an attractive lady passes them on the snow, male skiers or snowboarders will call her “snow bunnies,” which is more of a compliment in this case. Outside of ski areas, the term is not widely used. Despite being an ethnic slur, it is rarely used as an insult.

Where does Snow Bunny originate from?

The word “snow bunny” was first used in the 1950s as a slang term for a beginner skier, usually referring to a woman. Bunny could refer to sloppy inexperience on the slopes. Since the 1700s, the bunny has also been slang for an “attractive woman.”

As a result, snow bunny quickly became a slang term for a woman who, according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, “frequents the ski slopes as much for the sex as for the sport.”

After World War II, the first Winter Olympics were contested in 1952 when the Women’s Nordic skiing event made its debut. Special recreational skis and the commercial snow-making machine were also invented during this decade. In addition, the United States was in the midst of a postwar economic and leisure boom. Ski movies were also popular, with gorgeous mountains and attractive skiers depicted. This contributed to skiing being thrilling, glamorous, enjoyable, and accessible to a burgeoning American middle class, which included sexy women and bunnies.

By the 2000s, the term “snow bunny” had come to refer to any gorgeous lady, whether or not she was from Aspen. Snow bunny became a slang phrase for a white woman in black slang. While the hue of snow is white, bunny continues to rely on its long applications to ladies. A mixed-race couple with a black man and a white woman and white women who are attracted to black men is referred to as a snow bunny.

Bunny is a common loving term for attractive or sweet women, such as the Playboy bunny. As a result, a snow bunny is a lovely, charming, or beautiful woman who lives in the snow. However, referring to someone as a bunny can also imply that they are innocent, naive, or dumb, which is the origin of the disparaging nickname used to refer to white women. In the 2007 book “Best Black Plays,” a character says that a black man isn’t a natural black man if he’s seeking “snow bunnies,” namely white ladies.

snow bunny meaning

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“Snow bunny” with real-life examples

Sentence examples

  • If you are a snow bunny, this is where you should go and enjoy.”
  • I’m a snow bunny, but today I am not in the mood to go skiing.

Conversation examples

At school, two guys had a talk.

  • Person 1: Hey, did you see this year’s new girl?
  • Person 2: Yes, she is a second-period student in my class. She truly is a snow bunny.

A family had a talk.

  • Daughter: For my birthday, I’d like to go to a ski resort.
  • Mom: It sounds lovely, but your Dad isn’t a snow bunny.
  • Daughter: I understand, but I’ve never been skiing with you. I’d like to make my birthday memorable.
  • Dad: All right. We’ll visit a ski resort close to your home. I’ll drive you there, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to ski.

Other expressions are similar to “Snow Bunny.”

In a literal sense, there are several ways to say “snow bunny.” Some other things you could mention are:

  • She is pretty attractive.
  • She has a looker
  • She enjoys dating African-Americans
  • They have a serious drug abuse problem.

The expression you select is very dependent on the context in which it is utilized.

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