Easy English listening Lesson 4 – Going Camping

The Bright family went camping on the weekend.
The Bright family went to Silent Lake.
The Bright family left on Friday.
They camped for three days.
The Bright family brought a big tent.
They brought a lot of food.
They brought insect repellant.
The Bright family had a campfire on Friday.
They roasted marshmallows.
They sang campfire songs.
On Saturday they went canoeing.
On Saturday they went fishing.
On Saturday they went swimming.
They went hiking on Sunday.
The Bright family saw many birds.
They saw blue jays.
They saw hummingbirds.
The Bright family saw many animals.
They saw a raccoon.
They saw a squirrel.
But they didnt see a bear.
The Bright family had a fun vacation.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. Where did the Bright family go camping?
  2. How long did the Bright family camp?
  3. What did the Bright family bring with them for camping?
  4. What activities did they do on Friday evening?
  5. What did the Bright family do on Saturday?
  6. What activities did they engage in on Sunday?
  7. Name two birds that the Bright family saw.
  8. Did they encounter a bear during their camping trip?
  9. What did the Bright family do around the campfire?
  10. How would you describe the Bright family’s vacation?

Please comment your answers!

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