Easy English listening Lesson 35 – Diseases

There are many diseases.
Some diseases are very deadly, and some are not so serious.
Most people catch a cold sometimes.
A cold makes you cough and sneeze.
Colds can be passed on from person to person.
Some people get the flu.
With the flu, you get chills and a fever.
A fever is a high temperature.
If you have the flu, you will feel very bad.
You have to stay home in bed.
There are diseases that children get.
The mumps makes you have lumps in your neck.
Chicken pox and measles leave you with red itchy dots on your skin.
Older people sometimes get arthritis.
Their bones get stiff and sore.
There are people who get heart disease.
In many cases, a healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease.
Cancer can attack different parts of the body.
Many smokers get lung cancer.
Some diseases are treated with pills or medicine.
Other diseases need to be treated in the hospital.
Sometimes doctors need to give you tests to find out what kind of disease you have.
The doctor might have to do a blood test or an x-ray to find out what is wrong with you.
Most diseases can be cured by a doctor.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What are some common symptoms of a cold?
  2. How is the flu different from a cold, and what are some symptoms of the flu?
  3. What are some diseases that children commonly get, and what are their symptoms?
  4. What happens to a person with arthritis, and who is more likely to get it?
  5. What are some preventive measures for heart disease, and who is at risk for it?
  6. Which lifestyle choice is often associated with lung cancer?
  7. How are diseases like cancer treated, and what factors might determine the treatment approach?
  8. In what situations might a doctor need to perform tests like blood tests or x-rays?
  9. What is the general statement made about most diseases at the end of the paragraph?
  10. What is emphasized as a crucial aspect of curing most diseases?

Please comment your answers!

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