Words That Start With C | 100 Words Start with Letter C

Words That Start With C

Research has shown that the total number of English words is extremely large. Hence, the question here is how English learners can successfully master this language. Actually, there are many ways to accumulate our own vocabulary, for example: learning English vocabulary by topic, learning through movies, learning through songs, etc.

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with C.

No matter what you learn, it is highly recommended that you should prioritize the most frequently used English words first. They are basic, common yet extremely useful in our daily communication. Are you curious about what these interesting words are? Don’t worry as we will gradually show you all in our posts! Today’s post is the turn of common English words that start with C. Let’s start taking notes and exploring these vocabularies right now!

Words That Start With C

Words That Start With C

List of 100 words that start with C 

1 Cable
The brake cable needs tightening up.
2 Calendar
Winners will be selected at the end of each calendar month.
3 Call
She didn’t even call to say she wasn’t coming.
4 Camera
The camera whirred and clicked.
5 Campaign
She gave fresh momentum to the campaign.
6 Cannot
I cannot find my watch;I must have lost it.
7 Capability
Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.
8 Capable
You are capable of better work than this.
9 Capacity
They played to a capacity crowd .
10 Capital
Missile attacks on the capital resumed at dawn.
11 Capture
The refugees evaded capture by hiding in the forest.
12 Carbon
He is a carbon of his father.
13 Card
Your credit card is no longer valid.
14 Care
I don’t care what they say.
15 Carrier
I will call a baggage carrier to help me.
16 Carry
Does that ship carry much cargo?
17 Case
The new evidence weakens the case against her.
18 Cash
All those eligible will receive a cash handout.
19 Catch
Well, there’s a little catch.
20 Category
We have created a special category for part-time workers.
21 Cause
The move would cause irreparable harm to the organization.
22 Caused
Inflation has caused lots of problems.
23 Causing
He admitted causing a breach of the peace.
24 Cell
DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.
25 Cellular
The organization has a cellular structure.
26 Center
A diameter passes through the center of a circle.
27 Central
There were two doors leading off the central room.
28 Century
It was built in the 18th century.
29 Certain
I agree with you to a certain degree.
30 Certainly
The design certainly looks good on paper.
31 Chain
She wore a gold chain around her neck.
32 Chairman
The chairman has designated her as his successor.
33 Challenge
An awesome challenge/task lies ahead of them.
34 Chance
I haven’t had a chance to unpack yet.
35 Change
At what station should I change?
36 Channel
We’re going to have a day-trip across the Channel.
37 Charge
He is in charge of the municipal housing project.
38 Cheap
I got a cheap flight at the last minute.
39 Cheaper
Property is cheaper in Spain than here.
40 Check
Let me check your blood pressure.
41 Chemical
Officials claim the chemical poses no real threat.
42 Chief
The chief cadre in charge should bear greater responsibility.
43 Child
The child is learning to write.
44 Chip
He’s got a chip on his shoulder today.
45 Choice
We all have to make a choice.
46 Choose
It is always important to choose enjoyable, nutritious foods.
47 Church
The fire caused considerable damage to the church.
48 City
The city compares favourably with other parts of Brazil.
49 Civil
He trained as a civil engineer .
50 Claim
All four claim that officers fabricated evidence against them.
51 Class
Class differences can divide a nation.
52 Clean
I hope these black marks will clean off.
53 Clear
You’ll do as you’re told, is that clear?
54 Clearly
This is clearly the work of a superior artist.
55 Click
The answerphone gave a sharp click.
56 Client
The lawyer proved the innocence of his client.
57 Climate
We need to assess the impact on climate change.
58 Close
The two countries have always maintained close relations.
59 Closely
She listened closely while he read the letter.
60 Closer
She wrapped her shawl closer about her.
61 Cloud
The plane disappeared behind a cloud.
62 Coalition
Since June the country has had a coalition government.
63 Coast
Tropical storm Marco is pushing northward up Florida’s coast.
64 Code
The signal will be converted into digital code.
65 Cold
I’m cold. Turn the heating up.
66 Collect
A courier was dispatched to collect the documents.
67 Collection
In 2001 she published a collection of essays.
68 College
He was incorporated a member of the college.
69 Color
The color of leaves is green in summer.
70 Combat
The police are planning sterner measures to combat crime.
71 Combination
Reading is taught using a combination of several methods.
72 Comfortable
Their car was bigger and therefore more comfortable.
73 Command
When I give the command, fire!
74 Comment
I was a bit narked by David’s comment.
75 Commercial
She is developing the commercial side of the organization.
76 Commitment
She had a lifelong commitment to feminism.
77 Committee
Mrs Meddeman heads the fund-raising committee.
78 Common
Between friends all is common.
79 Communicate
Dolphins use sound to communicate with each other.
80 Community
He’s well-known in the local community.
81 Company
The company is in default on its loan agreement.
82 Comparison
My shoes are small in comparison with my sister’s.
83 Compatible
Accuracy is not always compatible with haste.
84 Compete
Though she’s almost 40, she still plans to compete.
85 Competition
The competition is very strong this time.
86 Competitive
These businessmen are both competitive and honourable.
87 Complaint
I have a complaint about the food.
88 Complete
The rebels had taken complete control.
89 Completed
Negotiations have just been completed.
90 Completely
The car was completely crushed under the truck.
91 Complex
The company has a complex organizational structure.
92 Compromised
She never compromised or cheapened herself.
93 Computer
A new computer system entails a lot of re-training.
94 Concept
I have no concept what it is like.
95 Concern
Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you.
96 Condition
Changes in the patient’s condition may make surgery inadvisable.
97 Conduct
Your conduct is not consistent with what you say.
98 Conducted
The interrogation was conducted by senior police officers.
99 Conference
The conference rose to applaud the speaker.
100 Confidence
Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.

Above is the list of the 100 most common English words that start with C which can be used as a reference for English students, especially English beginners. It’s a good idea to master these words fully before trying to move on to less common words since this is the vocabulary you will encounter most often.

Using mostly used English words that start with C can be considered the most effective way to learn English. The more you hear and read these words, the better you understand them. And the more you use them, the better your English skills become. Try your best and hard work pays off. Don’t forget to frequently enter Learn English the Fun Way website for other helpful pieces of knowledge! Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing!

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