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How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

Do you often feel hesitation when you speak English? Do you feel confused when pronouncing new words? Are you wondering how to speak English fluently and confidently? You don’t need to worry cause you are not alone! You can learn how to speak fluent English without hesitation. All you need is the right strategy to improve your spoken English.
In this post, We’re going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to learn English speaking fluently, and you can start speaking better English every day. If you want to learn how to speak fluent English without hesitation, Just follow these helpful tips and tricks listed below.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes.

As children, we learned our native language through trial and error – making mistakes and correcting ourselves. And the best thing to do to become fluent in English is to adopt the same method. When you’re learning, it’s almost impossible to say something perfectly the first time. We need to try, then try again, and then when we feel we’ve got it, you can put the new language into practice in a real-life situation. And even in that case, making mistakes is natural and useful because mistakes teach you the right way.

I often hear new students saying they feel scared to speak in front of others because they’re worried about making mistakes. But after a couple of lessons, they quickly feel more comfortable as they listen to other students of their level speaking openly and confidently, making mistakes without any embarrassment. It is a fundamental element of learning because if you don’t take a risk and let yourself make mistakes, you can’t grow and improve.

How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

2. Record Yourself Speaking in English

Record yourself saying these things in English with your mobile or computer. You will be amazed at how different you sound when you hear yourself speak. This will help you detect pronunciation errors you didn’t know you were doing.

Many free apps let you record your voice, but I recommend that you dare to record short videos on apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. You will be afraid to record videos in these apps because others will be able to see them, but it is less scary than talking face to face with another person. And it will give you many advantages:

  • Little by little, you will lose the fear of speaking English in public.
  • You can listen to your pronunciation.
  • You will have a video-diary of your progress.
  • You can delete them and control who can see them at any time.
  • You’ll gradually feel more confident and start speaking English without hesitation. 

If you are too embarrassed to publish videos like this, you can also use the «story» function that some apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and even Facebook have to record up to 1 minute of video that disappears after 24 hours.

3. Improve Your Pronunciation

When most people speak to native speakers, they usually focus on grammar or vocabulary and neglect pronunciation.

Even if you have excellent English grammar and extensive vocabulary, native English speakers may find it very difficult to understand if your English pronunciation is not proper.

Good pronunciation is essential if you want to improve your English speaking skills

 So if you want to learn how to speak English correctly, try to listen carefully to how native speakers pronounce certain words and sounds and do your best to copy them. 

When your English pronunciation is good, you can speak fluent English without hesitation

How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

4. Learn English Phrases, Not Individual Words

Those who can speak English well does not face problems to express their ideas and feelings without searching for the right words. Why? Because they learn phrases, not individual words.

It is difficult to memorize words when they are not associated with a context. However, when you learn English phrases or a sentence you’ll remember a story. It works as an anchor that helps your brain store new information. So, why not learn to speak English by learning phrases? Try this, and you will see a big difference. When you know a lot of English phrases you can speak English fluently without hesitation. 

However, if you want to memorize them quickly you should be selective with English phrases that you will use regularly in every day English conversation.

5. Just Reading And Listening Is Not Enough. You Have To Practice Speaking What You Listen To!

Speaking English daily is the most important thing to become fluent and confident; No matter how bad or how well your English is, if you don’t speak English daily, you won’t become fluent. For example, it is normal for children to learn to speak their native language first, and then begin to read, then write.

So the natural order would be to learn to listen, speak, read, and finally, to write. It does not matter that you are self-taught or you are in classes, it is highly recommended that you say aloud the material you listen to and read so that you can practice your speech.

Practice speaking out loud until your mouth and mind can do it without much effort that will help you speak English with native speakers without hesitation.

6. Do Not Compare Yourself with Others.

The more you compare yourself to others, the more you will feel you are not up to the task, and the more intimidated you will feel … which is totally counterproductive because it will increase your shame.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare the “yourself” of now with the “yourself” of the past. Compare what you knew before and what you know now, the mistakes you made in the past that you no longer make, the words you have learned to pronounce well, or the new vocabulary you have acquired in a certain period of time. This comparison YES will be fruitful because it will cause you to gain more confidence in yourself and, above all, the necessary motivation to keep moving forward.

How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

7. Practice Speaking English With Other People

But none of this works for you if you don’t talk to other people. If you’re embarrassed, you can start by talking to a family member: your partner, your siblings, your children, a close friend, anyone who knows enough English to speak the basics with you.

You can also speak English with strangers through free apps. In my experience, talking online with people who don’t see me and don’t know me is less embarrassing.

The important thing is that you practice saying what you have prepared out loud with other people. Every time you do it, you will feel more confident and do it more smoothly.

Also, practice keeping the conversation going. When your partner asks you a question, answer it and think of a question for him/her. You can use the questions you have prepared, but also challenge yourself to ask new questions and think of new answers.

And don’t worry if you don’t say everything perfectly without mistakes. The phrase ” Practice makes perfect ” is a big lie. Even natives make mistakes in English, but the important thing is that they know how to express what they mean in a way that is understood. With practice, you will be able to do the same. The correct phrase should be ” Practice makes progress. “

8. Asked For Help

Your teacher is there to help YOU learn English. Ask her/him all the questions you need, and ask her/him for help if you don’t understand something. Don’t let shyness win you over, and always remember those are YOUR classes.

If you follow these essential tips in this post, it will increase your level of confidence and knowledge, understanding, and fluency, and eventually you can speak fluent English without hesitation. 



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