Words That Start With H | 100 Words Start with Letter H

Words That Start With H

In the era of globalization, English is becoming more and more essential. It can be said that if you want to be outstanding in a crowd, English acts as an indispensable factor. Realizing its importance, many individuals have decided to start their journey of mastering the English language. However, the question remaining is where our study path should begin while there is too much knowledge for us to learn? Building your vocabulary with the list of words that start with H is a great start for your journey!

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with H.

Using everyday common words are the most convenient way to learn English. The more you hear these words, the better it is for you to process and understand them. And the more you use them, the stronger your English skills become. For this reason, Learn English In A Fun Way has made lists of the commonly used English vocabulary for you guys to practice everyday. And today’s post will include words that start with H. Hope you guys enjoy it!

words that start with H

words that start with H

List of 100 words that start with H

1 Habit
Every man has his own habit.
2 Habitat
This type of owl prefers a desert habitat.
3 Hack
We had to hack our way through the jungle.
4 Hacker
A hacker had managed to get into the system.
5 Hailed
I hailed a passing taxi.
6 Hair
Take a hair of the dog that bit you.
7 Half
A good beginning is half the battle.
8 Halfway
They’ve just reached the halfway stage of the project.
9 Hall
The hall has a fine acoustic.
10 Halt
The car come to a halt.
11 Hampered
The project was hampered by lack of funds.
12 Hand
A clean hand wants no washing.
13 Handful
He pulled out a handful of coins from his pocket.
14 Handheld
These anomalies were located by handheld scintillometer.
15 Handle
Take something by the best handle.
16 Handset
He picked up the radio handset.
17 Handy
It’s quite a handy little tool.
18 Hang
The sweetest grapes hang the highest.
19 Happen
Accidents will happen in the best regulated families.
20 Happy
He alone is happy who commands his passions.
21 Harassment
Prisoners’ families face continual harassment and attack.
22 Hard
Fortune is easily found, but hard to be kept.
23 Harder
Keeping is harder than winning.
24 Hardest
The next six months will be the hardest.
25 Hardly
He that liveth wickedly can hardly die honestly.
26 Hardware
The laptop drawing tablet is a very useful piece of hardware.
27 Harm
It is good to beware by other men’s harm.
28 Harmful
The drug can be harmful if taken in excess.
29 Harness
I felt glad to be back in harness.
30 Harsh
The minister received some harsh criticism.
31 Harvest
A heavy snow promise a good harvest.
32 Hassle
I can’t face the hassle of moving house again.
33 Hate
She professed to hate her nickname.
34 Have
Do you have plans for this afternoon?
35 Haven
The river banks are a haven for wildlife.
36 Hazardous
Surface water made driving conditions hazardous.
37 Head
The heart sees further than the head.
38 Headline
There was a banner headline about drugs in schools.
39 Headphone
Length of the headphone cable are free to control.
40 Headphones
She clamped a pair of headphones over her ears.
41 Headset
The desk sergeant was listening to her headset.
42 Health
There is no greater riches than health.
43 Healthcare
Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.
44 Healthy
He that goes to bed thirsty rises healthy.
45 Hear
None so deaf as those that won’t hear.
46 Heart
Every heart has its own sorrow.
47 Heat
Where there’s reek there’s heat.
48 Heated
Centrally heated offices tend to be stuffy.
49 Heating
The house soon warms up with the heating on.
50 Heavier
He’s heavier in build than his brother.
51 Heavily
He that climbs high falls heavily.
52 Heavy
He has a heavy teaching load this year.
53 Hedge
He hid the bicycle in the hawthorn hedge.
54 Hefty
The film also contains a hefty dose of comedy.
55 Height
You can adjust the height of the chair.
56 Helicopter
The helicopter stirred up clouds of dust.
57 Hell
Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
58 Helm
We have a new prime minister at the helm.
59 Helmet
Do yourself a favour and wear a helmet on the bike.
60 Help
Help the dog over the stile.
61 Helpful
You deserve a reward for being so helpful.
62 Here
Children here walk several miles to school
63 Heritage
Folk songs are part of our common heritage.
64 Hero
A hero is known in the time of misfortune.
65 Heroin
Customs have made their biggest ever seizure of heroin.
66 Herself
Virtue is to herself the best reward.
67 Hide
Poverty and love are hard to hide.
68 High
Great winds blow upon high hills.
69 Higher
The greater the crime, the higher the gallows.
70 Highest
The yachts are built to the highest specifications.
71 Highlight
The surveyor’s report didn’t highlight anything untoward.
72 Highlighted
His remarks highlighted his own function.
73 Highlighting
Matches flared, momentarily highlighting the faces.
74 Highly
The art of conversation is highly esteemed in France.
75 Highs
We all experience highs and lows in life.
76 Highway
The highway twists up on the mountainside.
77 Hike
They went on a ten-mile hike through the forest.
78 Himself
Man has not a greater enemy than himself.
79 Hint
I took the hint and left at once.
80 Hinted
He clearly hinted that he wanted me not to get in.
81 Hire
The labourer is worthy of his hire.
82 Historic
The Chinese people have performed great historic feats.
83 Historical
He has written a historical drama.
84 Historically
It was good drama, but historically inaccurate.
85 History
John is good at French but weak at history.
86 Hockey
Football and hockey players wear shoulder pads.
87 Hold
Do not hold a candle to the devil.
88 Holder
She is a multiple job holder.
89 Hole
It’s a poor mouse that has only on hole.
90 Holiday
Sunday is a regular holiday.
91 Holy
We went to Holy Communion in the cathedral.
92 Home
A house is not a home.
93 Homeless
She’s received plaudits for her work with homeless people.
94 Homeowners
The homeowners debated the value of a road on the island.
95 Hometown
I often dreamt about my hometown.
96 Homicide
He was convicted of homicide.
97 Honest
He is wise that is honest.
98 Honor
This monument was erected in honor of the martyrs.
99 Hook
Hang your towel on a hook.
100 Hope
All we can do now is wait and hope.

Above-mentioned is the list of 100 common English words that start with H. Not only do these common words expand the English terminology that you know, but they also help you with your English conversation skills since they are indeed words that you hear others use every day.

If you know 1,000 words, you will be between a functional beginner and conversational level in English. In most of the world’s languages, 500 words will be more than enough to get you through any tourist situations and everyday introductions. So, why don’t we make efforts to practice these wonderful words that start with H from now on? Work hard in silence and let your success be noise! Let us know the results you have achieved after a period of practicing with these words by leaving comments on the section before this post.

Thank you for learning the lesson words that start with H and see you in the next writing with other interesting lists of English words!

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